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2 parents 9983d59 + c63cee8 commit d83fb410491cf646676ddc8797c42e9fc63200db Chris Prather committed Jul 3, 2009
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@@ -12,12 +12,14 @@ Stevan Little (stevan)
Robin Berjon (darobin)
Ricardo Signes (rjbs)
+Matt Trout (mst)
+Yuval Kogman (nothingmuch)
To Be Contacted
Leon Brocard (acme) # acme has complained about the contents, thus has volunteered we just need a best email for him
Jessee Vincent (obra)
-Matt Trout (mst)
@@ -28,7 +30,6 @@ Rocco Caputo (dngor)
Nicholas Clark (nicholas)
Rafel Garcia Suarez (rgs)
brian d foy
-Yuval Kogman (nothingmuch)
Small script for contacting an advisor:

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