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use strict;
use Test::More tests => 6;
my ($base_start_called, $extended_start_called);
package Base;
use MooseX::POE;
sub START {
# Do this rather than embedd ::ok(1) here so ath get proper failing reports
::pass('Base Start');
$base_start_called = 1;
sub on_foo {
package Extended;
use MooseX::POE;
extends 'Base';
sub START {
::pass('Extended after Start');
$extended_start_called = 1;
sub on_bar {
my $foo = Extended->new();
# If the test count for this test is wrong, on_foo probably isn't getting set
# as an event properly
ok($base_start_called, "Base START called");
ok($extended_start_called,"Extended START called");
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