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@@ -25,27 +25,56 @@ Task::KiokuDB - Install L<KiokuDB> and related modules.
+This bundle installs L<KiokuDB> and depending on the environment several
+additional components.
=head1 MODULES
+All of these are considered optional.
=over 4
-=item L<KiokuDB::Backend::JSPON>
+=item L<KiokuDB::Backend::Files>
-The JSON file backend.
+The file backend. Defaults to true.
=item L<KiokuDB::Backend::BDB>
-L<BerkeleyDB> backend. Requires an installed BerkeleyDB, preferably 4.7.
+L<BerkeleyDB> backend. Requires an installed BerkeleyDB, preferably linked
+against 4.7.
+Defaults false to unless BDB seems to be installed.
+=item L<KiokuDB::Backend::DBI>
+The L<DBI> backend.
+Defaults to true if you have one of the tested DBDs (SQLite, Pg, or mysql)
+=item L<KiokuDB::Backend::CouchDB>
-Defaults to false.
+Defaults to true if you have L<AnyEvent::CouchDB>.
=item L<Data::UUID::LibUUID>
Better UUID generation than L<Data::UUID> (not time based). Requires C<libuuid>
which is available by default on Mac OS X, and easy to install on most Linux
-Defaults to false.
+Defaults to false, unless C<uuid.h> can be found and you have a compiler.
+=item L<JSON::XS>
+Provides faster JSON performance.
+Defaults to true if you have a compiler.
+=item L<YAML::XS>
+Allows dumping/loading DBs as YAML, using YAML serialization, and importing to
+a DB using L<MooseX::YAML> with modern/up to spec YAML files.
+Defaults to true if you have a compiler.

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