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Title: Mixed Blessings
Author: Chris Prather Date: 2008-03-18 00:45:37

Mixed Blessings

So today was full of mixed messages. First O'Reilly sent out acceptance letters to speakers for OSCON. I did not get one. My two talks are still "under review". My boss' talk was accepted, and it's on roughly the same topic (though a very different talk). Since OSCON was the only conference I could attend this year due to schedules and whatnot, I may be conference free this year. WHich is sad cause I am really looking forward to traveling some and talking some.

Second, The Perl Foundation made it into the Google Summer of Code as a mentoring organization. And I am a (potential) mentor! I also am backing up my boss on being in charge of the Moose projects (if there are any), and will generally help pitch in where neccessary. This is good news cause I would really like to help new people discover Perl and Moose and the fun that I'm having. I'd also like to see fresh blood start building new and exciting toys that we can all play with!

If I get picked up to mentor I'm expected to be more visible and public with my praise and commentary. I will probably cross post to both my own blog and to use.perl journal. Something I shoudl really start doing more of (like this post! You're soaking in it!).

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