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Title: Updates
Author: Chris Prather Date: 2007-06-18 00:20:29


It's been an interesting few days. Jamie gave birth Saturday at 9:26 am and I had gotten about 4 hours of sleep the night before (since they were saying "we'll do the surgery any time now" since about 7pm friday night). I then came home, posted the pictures and IM at everybody ... and slept for an hour before picking up my mother-in-law from teh airport. Took her to the hospital, visited with Jamie, picked up Katie from the friends she was staying with, took her to see that her groggy mom was okay and went out to dinner and do some grocery shopping. At about 10pm when we finisehd getting the groceries in the house, the hospital called and Jamie had been moved to the ICU because she'd had trouble breathing. Needless to say I went back. Turns out it was just extra fluid in the lungs and not a blood clot or something more intense ... and by 11am today she was going to go back to the maternity ward from the ICU ... at which point I came home and slept.

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