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Title: Wakeup, we're here...
Author: Chris Prather Date: 2005-10-15 17:55:36

Wakeup, we're here...

I mentioned to Nacho that I would post this.

I got Alice (my iBook running Tiger) updating it's Network Location based off the ssid of the network it joins to when it wakes up from suspend.

I used a script ( from this page.

I just had to munge the script a little, the following line:

#look up the status 
location=`grep -i "IT Airport" .wlans | awk -F"\t" '{print $2}'`

should read

#look up the status 
location=`grep -i $wlan .wlans | awk -F"\t" '{print $2}'`

It's all very neat.

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