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Warzone 2100 ReDev

0) Welcome back !

Warzone 2100 was an innovative 3D real-time strategy game back in 1999, and most
will agree it didn't enjoy the commercial success it should have had. The game's
source code was liberated on December 6th, 2004, under a GPL license (see
COPYING in this directory for details). Soon after that, the Warzone 2100 ReDev
project was formed to take care of its future.

Our goal is to make warzone run on all possible platforms. Therefore, we
stripped the original code of all proprietary technologies and replaced them
with cross-platform and free equivalents, like OpenGL, OpenAL, etc... Right
now, Warzone 2100 works very well on Windows and GNU/Linux, and we have even
heard of it running on BSD with no particular issue.

What you get here is the early product of our collective work. We're not pros,
we just like the game, so bear with us, and feel free to join us if you think
you can do better. We can be found at :
You'll have most chances to find us in the development section.

1) Command-line options.

Once the game is installed (see INSTALL in this directory), you can run it by
changing to its directory and typing './warzone'. Here's a few of the most
common command line options :
	-fullscreen : runs in a full-screen window
	-window : runs in a window
	-WIDTHxHEIGHT : runs at WIDTH times HEIGHT resolution, replace WIDTH
		and HEIGHT with your dimensions of choice. Beware, though,
		as it needs to be a resolution supported by your X server.

Note that you do need to type the dash in front of the option, like this :
		./warzone -fullscreen -1280x960
(this is my prefered mode).

The fullscreen/window modes and the resolution are stored, so they only need to
be specified once, or when you want to change them. So,
will start in fullscreen and in 1280x960 because this is what I specified just
before (remember ?).

For more groovy command-line options, check src/clparse.c (yes, we promise we'll
document this properly some day).

If you are on Linux and using X11, you can dynamically switch between windowed
mode and fullscreen using ALT+ENTER at any time.

2) Configuration

When you start Warzone 2100 for the first time, a '.warzone2100' directory
is created in your home directory. A certain number of files are also created in
it, the most important being the one called 'config'. In case you are upgrading
from a previous version and experience problems, try and remove this
'~/.warzone2100/config' file.

3) Music

As the original game music is part of the data that was not liberated, we are
reintroducing music, but in a different way. We use a playlist system that can
point to any ogg or mp3 file in you filesystem. This is still experimental, and
we are gradually making this more useable.

The following playlists are read, in this order, and only the first playlist
found is used :
- ~/.warzone2100/music/music.wpl
- <whereverwarzoneisinstalled>/music/music.wpl

Playlist example :



In this example, there are 6 songs played in random order while playing a game,
and one song only when going around in the menu.

"shuffle=yes" specifies you want the songs for a given category (game or menu)
to be played in random order. If you want it for both categories, you need to
specify it in both of them.

"path" can be anything you wish. If it's ".", the path is the directory where
the playlist is found. If no path is set, all filenames must be given with
absolute path. All filenames must be lowercase.

ogg and mp3 files are supported (provided all necessary libs are installed).

                                                    The Warzone 2100 ReDev team.
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