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A chatbot framework+implementation for XMPP-based MUC room chats and IRC.
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This is the README for TheGoddamnChatbot.

What is this?, you ask. It's the Goddamn Chatbot, that's what!

Getting this code to work

For starters, you're going to need to meet a few dependencies:

The script can tell you which modules you're missing. It also patches some old-style classes in the pyxmpp module. Once it reports that everything is in order, you should be able to run and experiment with the triggers.

To actually run chatbot in a MUC room, edit the constants in config to point to your room and server.

Playing with this code

  • The easiest (but least fun) thing to play with is
    • It provides a REPL-like environment for running chatbot's trigger commands.
    • Note that not all of them will work outside of the chatroom context.
  • Load up chatbot by running
  • Load an evalbot by running
    • Warning! Very little security is in place. Use with discretion.
  • Load an auto-responding Shakespeare bot with
  • Load a clone of someone in your Pidgin logs with
  • Chat from the comfort of your terminal with
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