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Augmenting the Gallery

IMNY-UT 9001


Name Pierre Depaz



Location St. Agnes

Time Wed 09.15 - 12.45

Office Hours Thu 14.00 - 17.00

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Course notes

Course Description

Art institutions, from museums to galleries, depend and represent a wealth of contexts, connotations, relationships beyond time and space. Today, wall labels, audio guides and informative maps are just some of the ways galleries and museums convey additional information about an art collection. How can we utilize new interactive mixed-reality tools to design and deliver immersive experiences and information fluxes that breathe a different life into an exhibit?

Augmented and virtual reality are powerful tools for new media production and storytelling, but how can these tools serve to enhance our gallery experience without distracting from the power and importance of a pre-existing collection? How do we design digital applications for a specific moment and space? This production course seeks to experiment with new ways to experience a museum collection through mixed reality. Topics covered include exhibition installation and curation, mixed reality and mobile production in Unity, and object-oriented ontology.