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LICENSE website

Contains all the code necessary to generate via Hugo and serve via Caddy.

The web pages content is located at site/content/. Please send PR as per contributing guidelines.

Running locally

  • ./ generates the web site in ./www.
  • ./ serves the website over port 3131.

This requires docker to be installed.


  • caddy to serve over https
  • docker to be functional and callable from caddy.

The github webhook handler leverages to do the processing whenever a new commit happens.

hugo-tidy leverages:

  • pygment to generate the syntax highlighting: pip install --user Pygments
  • hugo to generate the html
  • minify to reduce the size: go get -u -v

The syntax styles was generated with pygmentize -f html -S colorful -a .syntax >> site/static/css/style.css and small modifications.


The time between a PR being merged and the web site being live is generally <5 seconds. One second due to github's latency itself, 2 seconds to regenerate the web site. The author doesn't like waiting.