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The old home of the example Chef cookbooks for Scalarium - go to instead
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apache2/attributes example on overriding default apache ports
apt add Sun Java
backup add example recipe for MySQL backups
bundler fix gem_binary
couchdb Brute-force stopping CouchDB. Everything else didn't seem to have wor…
custom-php-app example for configuring custom PHP app
delayed_job First go at delayed_job cookbook, dead simple for now.
gitosis add gitosis cookbook
god add runint and god for testing defintions
hudson restart tomcat after config changes
mysql set more attributes
nfs make NFS attributes work without NFS client/server
passenger_apache2/attributes fix typo
phpmyadmin update and fix phpmyadmin example
rails/templates/default rename so that example Rails 2.3 apps work again
redis cleanup examples
ruby19 Added Ruby 1.9.2 example cookbook.
rubybuild Add readline support.
sphinx Replace a hardcoded value with a variable.
subversion add example subversion host settings for SSL SVN with self-signed cer…
sun-java add Sun Java
sunspot-solr set an explicit version for solr
wkhtmltopdf Add attribute for wkhtmltopdf binary
xtrabackup add example xtrabackup cookbook
LICENSE add license file
README add license file


Example Chef cookbooks for Scalarium

See for the standard Chef cookbooks that Scalarium distributes.

LICENSE: Unless otherwise stated, cookbooks/recipes originated by Peritor/Scalarium are licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.
See the LICENSE file. Some files are just imported and authored by others. Their license will of course apply.
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