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Pass a deployment comment to the deployment form #17

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I made a tiny change to scratch a itch I mentioned in the webistrano issue tracker:

In order to be able to pass a deployment comment to the deployment form, add the following ruby code after line 33 of /var/www/webistrano/app/controllers/deployments_controller.rb:

# Allow description url var to be passed in the URL
@deployment.description = params[:description]

Now the description url variable can be used to pre-fill the deployment comment, e.g. We do this to get some integration with the trac bug tracking software.

@jweiss jweiss merged commit e6f9c8f into peritor:master
@jweiss jweiss referenced this pull request from a commit
@jweiss jweiss add test for pull request #17 beb2b4a
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  1. +3 −0  app/controllers/deployments_controller.rb
3  app/controllers/deployments_controller.rb
@@ -31,6 +31,9 @@ def show
def new
@deployment =
@deployment.task = params[:task]
+ # Allow description to be passed in via a URL parameter
+ @deployment.description = params[:description]
if params[:repeat]
@original = @stage.deployments.find(params[:repeat])
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