Removes leftover submodule directory, which can cause conflicts when updating to latest. #42

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This commit removes a leftover submodule directory, for the exception notifier plugin, which was removed in commit 529d6ae.

Having this empty submodule dir caused a conflict for me when updating to latest. Git didn't seem to understand how to deal with it.

Yggdrasil and others added some commits Nov 23, 2011

Start tracking Gemfile.lock so we don't get surprised by gem updates.…
… This version seems to work for us.

Remove Rake namespace fix because it breaks the app when upgrading from Rake 0.9 to Rake 10 and seems to be obsolete.
Added Favorite Projects option to the project form. Gives the ability…
… to 'star' commonly used projects which will be displayed in the top of the menu.
Merged in Meuker/webistrano (pull request #1)
Add Favorite Projects flag and display favorites in a menu block.
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