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Mini test shell script to see if git-geo works at all

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1 parent 13a85cd commit 5f7dd9217acd08d3e8ba95660c5219c4587c37da @naderman naderman committed Mar 12, 2011
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+rm -rf foo
+rm -rf bar
+mkdir foo
+cd foo
+git init
+git geo setup
+touch file1
+git add file1
+git commit -m "Add file1"
+git checkout -b not-master
+cd ../
+git clone foo bar
+cd bar
+git geo setup
+echo "content" > file1
+git commit -a -m "Write content to file1"
+git geo push origin master:master
+cd ..
+cd foo
+git remote add bar ../bar
+git checkout master
+git log --show-notes=geocommit

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