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a git-remote-helper that allows you to push source code into a CouchDB

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Relax your source code

Author: Filip Noetzel
Version: v0.1a
Git: git clone git:// (browse source)
Download: Downloads page on GitHub


git-remote-couch is a git-remote-helper that allows you to push source code into a CouchDB (you can then fetch a clone from it, of course).


This software is very slow and a three headed monkey will eat your data! It should not be used to save valuable production source code! ALWAYS keep at least a second copy using other backup mechanisms.


This is a fun project for me to learn some git and CouchDB internals. Also, I want to write CouchApps that handle source code. Patches welcome.

Installation and Usage

First, install git-remote-couch via your favorite Python package installing mechanism, like so:

easy_install -U git-remote-couch

Then, you can start cloning a repository:

git remote add couch http+couch://localhost:5984/testrepo/
git push origin master

You can now browse your repository with CouchDB's web interface at http://localhost:5984/_utils/database.html?testrepo or clone that repository:

git clone http+couch://localhost:5984/testrepo/ a_copy
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