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robotframework-httplibrary is a Robot Framework test library for all your HTTP needs. It uses livetest (which, in turn uses the famous webtest library underneath).


You can install robotframework-httplibrary via pip:

pip install --upgrade robotframework-httplibrary


API documentation can be found at, here is an example on how to use it:

Setting Value
Library HttpLibrary.HTTP

Test Case Action Argument
[Documentation] Follows a Redirect
Create HTTP Context
GET /302
Response Status Code Should Equal 302
Follow Response  
Response Body Should Contain generating different HTTP codes

You can view a report and a log of this test executed that looks like this:


This library is only tested on CPython. It might work on Jython, not sure.


If you want to hack on this library itself, this should get you started:

# bootstrap development environment
git clone
cd robotframework-httplibrary/

# run tests
./bin/robotframework tests/

I'm very happy about patches, pull-requests and API-discussions (as this is mostly a wrapper supposed to have a nice API)!



  • Don't enforce ASCII when converting to JSON (so chinese characters are printed as such and not escaped like uXXXX). Thanks Terry Yin!


  • Tested with Robot Framework 2.8rc1
  • Uses jsonpointer 1.0, jsonpatch 1.0


  • Compatible with Webtest > 2.0
  • hard-deprecate 'Set HTTP Host', will be removed soon.


  • Add support for python-json-pointer >= 0.6 (if you experienced "AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'set_pointer'", you should upgrade to this version).


  • add HTTPS support
  • add 'Stringify JSON' keyword
  • implicitly set correct 'Host' header


Beerware: If we meet some day, and you think this stuff is worth it (or need a more serious license), you can buy me a beer in return.

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