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make the Chinese stringify result readable.

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1 parent bcc7bc7 commit 20e5ecb1ba292f6d3416c47f5d9d6f8800d3294f @terryyin terryyin committed Jun 26, 2013
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@@ -109,6 +109,11 @@ Stringify Complex Object
Should Be Equal As Strings ${json_string} {"a": "1", "b": "12", "names": ["First Name", "Family Name", "Email"]}
+Stringify Data With Chinese String
+ Set Test Variable ${data} 中
+ ${json_string}= Stringify JSON ${data}
+ Should Be Equal As Strings ${json_string} "${data}"
Get Json Value In Chinese OK
Set Test Variable ${chinese} "中"
${result}= Get Json Value {"foo":${chinese}} /foo

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