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Tests needed
-- integration test of reindexing + race detector
-- support for running race detector on all tests. when in race mode, also run
integration test children in race mode.
-- test that server/perkeepd still builds & starts even when sqlite isn't
available (TODO: hide it from the test by running make.go in a child
process with a faked-out PKG_CONFIG environment or something, to make
cmd/go unable to find it even if it's installed)
-- search & corpus use of EnumeratePermanodesLastModified
-- pkg/client --- test FetchVia against a server returning compressed content.
(fix in 3fa6d69405f036308931dd36e5070b2b19dbeadf without a new test)
-verify that stat caching works. verify that -filenodes does create the permanode even if the file was already uploaded (and cached) in a previous run.
-- blobserver/{remote,shard} have no tests. should be easier now that
test.Fetcher is a full blobserver? see encrypt, replica, and cond's
nascent tests for examples.
-- app engine integration tests (before we make a release, for sure,
but probably in presubmit)
-- cross-compiling to freebsd and windows etc still works.
-- pkg/auth -- not enough tests. see regression at
-- blobserver.WaitForBlob, and integration tests for the http handlers
for long-polling on Enumerate and Stat