Add chemistry to minecraft.
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Minechem v2.0.0pr6.1

Adds chemistry to minecraft. Minechem comes with five machines.

  • The Decomposer takes an item and decomposes it into it's chemical composition.
  • The Synthesis machines takes elements and molecules and synthesis them into tangible items.
  • The Microscope can inspect items to discover chemical compositions and recipes for the synthesis machine.
  • The Blueprint projector takes a blueprint and projects a 3D representation of a structure. Used for building advanced machines.
  • The Fusion chamber is built via the blueprint projector and combines the mass of two elements to create a single heavier element.
  • The Hazmat suit reduces damage from radioactive elements.
  • The Chemical storage will store chemicals and prevent them from decaying.
  • The Chemistry Turtle will assist you with your chemical production line. (See wiki for more details on chemistry turtle).


  • Minecraft 1.4.6
  • Forge
  • BuildCraft 3.3+

Download links

MineChem 2.0.0pr6.1:


Minechem v2.x is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported. You are free:

  • to share - to copy, distribute and transmit the work
  • to remix - to adapt the work
  • to profit - to make commercial use of the work.

Under the following conditions:

  • attribution - you must attribute my name, ljdp. (Forking the repo in github counts).
  • share alike - you must license any modification under the same or similar as this one.

For more information on this license see here:


Ljdp, Ian, Rushmead, Adelayde, Phrost, Mandrake


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