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Revision history for carton
v1.0.21 2015-05-15 12:21:47 PDT
- Changed Module::Reader dependency to requires for now, since it will be required
on the runtime by the fatpacked carton.
v1.0.20 2015-05-08 16:20:37 PDT
- INCOMPATIBLE: Disable fatpack generation in carton bundle by default.
Use the new standalone command carton fatpack, to generate vendor/bin/carton
v1.0.19 2015-05-01 17:48:06 PDT
- Remove Module::Build and MakeMaker from prerequisite since cpanm will
install them as required
v1.0.18 2015-04-29 13:46:21 PDT
- Sort 02packages case insensitive, like PAUSE
v1.0.17 2015-04-27 16:18:04 PDT
- Add back warnings to Carton::CLI
- Properly fail when a command is not found in carton exec (hachi) #193
v1.0.16 2015-04-25 06:37:17 PDT
- update 02packages.details.txt whitespace padding to follow PAUSE
v1.0.15 2015-04-20 11:13:32 CEST
- downgrade some dependencies for fatpack-related tools to recommends
(probably ship it as a separate distribution in the future)
v1.0.14 2015-04-20 00:07:26 CEST
- same as v1.0.14
v1.0.13 2015-04-19 19:38:42 CEST
- require cpanm 1.7030 for better cpanfile support
- switch to MakeMaker
- remove Exception::Class and Moo in favor of Class::Tiny
- add an ability to set generator in Carton::Index for Carmel use
v1.0.12 2013-09-24 20:03:47 JST
- up Path::Tiny
- Add --no-fatpack to carton bundle #140
v1.0.11 2013-09-18 18:51:14 JST
- Disable fatal warnings that comes with Moo. This will make Path::Tiny not fail
on NFS without flock. #135
v1.0.10 2013-09-02 17:52:42 PDT
- Documentation fixes
- Support CRLF in snapshot (kan) #133
v1.0.9 2013-08-17 11:24:46 PDT
- Workaround carton help shows wrong doc on case insensitive filesystems
v1.0.8 2013-08-16 18:38:14 PDT
- Include POD documentation for carton(1)
v1.0.7 2013-08-10 21:55:29 PDT
- Worked around fatpack issue with perl < 5.16 with missing File::Spec
- Included missing requirements for fatpack executable
v1.0.6 2013-08-10 17:59:51 PDT
- Added upgrading documentation (carton help upgrading)
- Experimental support for fatpacked carton executable in vendor/bin in bundle
v1.0.5 2013-08-08 12:50:39 PDT
- Bump cpanm for version extraction #126
- Fix doc about --cached (shibayu36)
- Fix Usage errors #123
v1.0.4 2013-08-05 19:20:11 PDT
- Bump cpanm to deal with failing to extract versions with #120 (lestrrat)
v1.0.3 2013-08-05 10:17:59 PDT
- Update obsolete docs
- Added missing docs to some commands
v1.0.2 2013-08-04 21:49:14 PDT
- Bump cpanm dependency to deal with old dists with ancient META.yml (tokuhirom)
v1.0.1 2013-08-04 17:10:10 PDT
- Update docs
- Fixed bug where version range requirements are not properly preserved in the snapshot #117 (lestrrat)
v1.0.0 2013-08-04 12:29:31 PDT
- This makes 1.0 release
- Documentation update
- Bump cpanm dependency
v0.9.68 2013-07-26 17:49:28 PDT
- Change the distribution name case, to match with the module name
- Add Module::CoreList as a dependency for perl 5.8
v0.9.67 2013-07-24 14:53:53 PDT
- Use cpanm's fatscript interface rather than share dir
v0.9.66 2013-07-24 08:46:27 PDT
- Correctly raises an exception when badly formatted snapshot file is read
- Fixed a bug in tree scanner where seen hash is not preserved
- tree scanner should be much faster for giant set of dependencies
v0.9.65 2013-07-23 18:51:59 PDT
- BIG CHANGE: Use cpanfile.snapshot instead of carton.lock for 1.0 onwards
There is no way to migrate carton.lock to cpanfile.snapshot just yet.
- New cpanfile.snapshot is text based and is more VCS friendly
- Reworked internal of prereqs/requirements loader (again!) to eliminate
lots of duplicate code
v0.9.64 2013-07-23 14:39:54 PDT
- Locate cpanm within a dist share dir so that cpanm in user's $PATH is not executed.
This will solve issues with cpanm in /usr/bin, perlbrew or with bad shebang #92
v0.9.63 2013-07-23 02:26:04 PDT
- Bump cpanminus requirement
- Support --cpanfile for carton install
- Support PERL_CARTON_CPANFILE (for commands other than install)
v0.9.62 2013-07-22 14:33:11 PDT
- Now all carton commands can be run from a subdirectory #69
- Refactored the way cpanfile/carton.lock files are detected
v0.9.61 2013-07-22 10:24:35 PDT
- Implemented experimental --without option for carton install
v0.9.60 2013-06-26 12:22:21 PDT
- Bump MakeMaker and Module::Build dependencies to support test requires
v0.9.59 2013-06-17 17:13:21 PDT
- carton exec -Ilib gives a warning, while carton exec perl -Ilib won't #97
v0.9.58 2013-06-10 03:17:23 PDT
- Fix tests
- carton exec without an arg should raise an error
- typo fixes
v0.9.57 2013-06-05 19:21:17 JST
- Changed the output of carton tree command to include module and dist versions
- Bunch of refactorings around requirements
- carton install now saves tarballs in local/cache, then carton bundle copies from there
- Implement carton check which checks if cpanfile requirements is satisfied locally with lock
- Implement carton update!
- Fix the installation collector logic to ignore dists that don't satisfy cpanfile
v0.9.56 2013-06-04 00:21:53 JST
- Fixed carton tree output to avoid duplicates
v0.9.55 2013-06-03 23:43:52 JST
- Added back carton tree command
- Added --distfile option to list command
v0.9.54 2013-06-02 12:38:20 JST
- Install develop phase dependencies by default with carton install
- carton exec now doesn't set PERL5OPT with lib::core::only, so as not to mess with
the subprocess and site_perl modules (#60, #70, #82)
v0.9.53 2013-06-01 23:54:53 JST
- use Moo
- refactored installer/downloader as Carton::Builder
v0.9.52 2013-06-01 17:01:51 JST
- carton exec doesn't need '--' before perl anymore #77
- remove even more unused code
- backed out color output support
- stopped collecting dependencies from cpanfile, since cpanm installdeps can read it directly
- Temporarily disabled check command for now
- Upped cpanm dependency
- Use vendor/cache for bundling since local is most likely gitignored #88
- carton exec now requires carton install beforehand
v0.9.51 2013-05-31 09:02:58 JST
- Documentation fixes
- Fixes test dependencies and build system
v0.9.50 2013-05-31 02:18:07 JST
- Documentation fixes
- remove bunch of code that is unused
- removed tree command for now
- Overhauled the way bundle command works
- refactored lock and index generation code
- Enabled Travis CI tests
v0.9.15 2013-03-31 18:11:28 PDT
- Add minimum perl dependency
v0.9.14 2013-03-30 18:25:39 PDT
- Unset $VERSION on PAUSE (Thanks andk)
v0.9.13 2013-03-30 15:14:49 PDT
- repackage for better META files with Milla v0.9.3
v0.9.12 2013-03-30 15:01:55 PDT
- repackage to set $VERSION
v0.9.11 2013-03-30 14:54:21 PDT
- Ignore 'perl' requirements so as it won't fail, for now. #71
- Install 'test' dependencies by default. #66
- Convert to Milla, do not install carton-* man pages
v0.9.10 Tue Feb 26 13:32:34 PST 2013
- Same as v0.9_9. Still considered pre-1.0!
v0.9_9 Wed Feb 6 11:02:46 PST 2013
- Fixed bundle command where it updated modules, not the versions specified in carton.lock.
bundle now builds mirror files like install --deployment, and downloads tarballs for the
specified versions. (vti)
v0.9_8 Tue Feb 5 12:17:54 PST 2013
- Do not use carton.lock to build extra dependencies. Everything has to be
pulled out of cpanfile, even with the deployment mode. This makes the deployment
much more reliable, and could possibly work with differing os/perl versions
across development and deployments.
v0.9_7 Sat May 12 06:15:44 EEST 2012
- Experimental multiple mirror support (nihen)
- Fixed cpanm dependency to avoid cascading bug
v0.9_6 Thu May 10 21:05:35 CEST 2012
- use cpanfile + Module::Install for dogfooding
- `carton` without args now does `carton install` (inspired by bundler)
- Update bundle command to use install.json (masaki)
- code cleanups and doc overhauls
- removed `uninstall` command for now
- Fixed CPAN::Meta::Requirements dependency
v0.9_5 Thu Apr 12 19:39:19 JST 2012
- Added experimental cpanfile support
- Fixed POD (yanick)
v0.9.4 Sat Mar 31 13:49:41 CEST 2012
- use Capture::Tiny to capture output (wchristian)
- Improve synopsis for exec (dagolden)
- Implemented bundle command (masaki)
- Fix Getopt::Long dependency (pfig)
v0.9.3 Wed Oct 19 14:30:50 JST 2011
- Fixed META.yml by patching Module::Install and repackaging
v0.9.2 Tue Oct 18 12:53:57 JST 2011
- Fixed packaging *again* by declaring version as a simple string
v0.9.1 Mon Oct 17 19:05:12 JST 2011
- Fixed packaging
- Fixed UTF8 encoding warnings for JSON
v0.9.0 Fri Oct 14 01:27:02 JST 2011
- Initial non-dev release. Still considered beta before it hits 1.0.0!
v0.1_0 Sun Jun 26 11:03:50 PDT 2011
- original version
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