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Catalyst::Components::Concepts::Cases - A Catalyst Documentation Project


This Catalyst documentation project serves two main goals. First it is intended to be a reference point for people that are beyond the basic tutorial but for who the API reference and source code is not enough guidence. Second, by describing Catalyst in more detail we hope to be able to use this as a jumping off point for describing where Catalyst is going in the future (Catalyst 6 and beyond). For example, a document which explains what a Catalyst::Component is today could be linked to a proposal for what a such a component could be for Catalyst 6.


This documentation project is broken down into three main sections, which each section scoped to a particular domain of Catalyst knowledge


This section covers the main Catalyst components (Catalyst::Component, Catalyst::Model, Catalyst, etc.) The goal of this section is to provide a explanation of each core component that makes up the main Catalyst codebase, how it works and what was the thinking behind the design. It is also likely we'd like to provide similar documentation for a handful of components that exist in the greater code ecosystem but are usually considered part of an ordinary Catalyst application (think the DBIC model, the Template Toolkit view, Catalyst::Model::Adaptor, a number of the more important plugins.)


This section would review each of the main design pattern concepts that Catalyst uses (MVC, Chain of Command, Inversion of Control, Middleware, etc.) and explain what they are used for and how Catalyst interprets the pattern. We should also cover a handful of core Perl concepts such as how Catalyst uses PSGI and the thinking that goes into building a well formed Perl module.


This section should cover typical approaches to solving clearly defined problems and questions one faces when building a Catalyst application. Cases can be as small as 'what is the best way to build a URL?' and as large as 'what is a good approach for building AJAXy style web forms?' For some use cases there might be more than one good solution, but we should identity a common "you won't get fired for doing it this way" approach, although it would be fine to mention other resources for review.


The following is a listing of proposed topics under each section. Pull requests very welcome!




Model - View - Controller
Inversion of Control
Chain of Command
Factory Pattern
Singleton Pattern
Metaprogramming & Domain Specific Languages
UTF8 and content encoding/decoding
Content Negotiation

Catalyst Specific Concepts

Chaining & Forwarding
Context & Application
Subroutine Attributes


URL Generation