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The Elegant MVC Web Application Framework
Perl Perl6
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Welcome to Catalyst

This is the Runtime distribution for the Catalyst MVC framework.

For more information about Catalyst, write

    perldoc Catalyst

at the command line, or visit

Getting Started

1. Install Catalyst if you haven't yet:

    cpanm Catalyst

2. Create a new catalyst application: DemoApp

3. Change the directory to the newly created directory and start the built-in developer server

    cd DemoApp; plackup -Ilib demoapp.psgi

4. Go to http://localhost:5000 and you'll see the default welcome page.


You can also install Catalyst::Manual from CPAN for more comprehensive information.

If you are going to write your own Catalyst application, you will need to install Catalyst::Devel. Afterwards run for more information about creating your first app.


If you would like to contribute to Catalyst, please join us on IRC, or visit the mailing list.

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