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Not Recommended

Here are tutorials that have been looked over and can't be recommended for several reasons. The date of the check is listed. If you think the evaluation is not true anymore let us know.

  • - 2003.03.22. name: Tutorial de PERL en castellano type: Web version: 5.6 covers: Perl Basics size: Small lang: ES status: Complete

  • - 2011-11-04 - does not use strict, warnings or my() anywhere in the main tutorial; introduces c-style for loop (a foreach style loop is used later but not explained); suggests subroutine calls with ampersand without explaining

  • - 2011-11-05 - Besides the weak orthography and diction, numerous mistakes and shortcomings. [[There are way too many issues to list them all here.|rejected/Tizag]]

  • [[Programming Perl 4th Edition|rejected/prog_perl_4th]]

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