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Commits on Jul 18, 2012
Mithaldu added vti's interactive perl tutorials 561be0f
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12 index.mdwn
@@ -158,6 +158,17 @@ These are old Perl tutorials that are well written and good references for old v
legacy: 1
+- url:
+ name: Interactive Perl Tutorials
+ type: Web
+ version: 5.10
+ covers: Perl Basics
+ size: Small
+ lang: EN
+ status: In development
+ lastupdate: 2012.07.18
+ description: Just being written and very much beta, it will be recommended once it leaves BETA phase.
- url:
name: Programming Perl 4th
type: Book + PDF
@@ -299,3 +310,4 @@ These tutorials have not yet been looked at in greater detail and thus remain un
# Not Recommended
There is a big number of tutorials that cannot be recommended even as legacy tutorials. You can find these, along with their rejection reasons [[on their own page|rejected]].

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