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This repository is used to discuss issues and patches relating to the perlfaq (http://learn.perl.org/faq/).

Once patches are approved they will be merged into:

https://github.com/tpf/perlfaq which is the primary version that will be synced to http://learn.perl.org/faq/.

Perlfaq has moved to "shipped with core but updated on cpan"

If you spot an issue please raise it here: https://github.com/perl-doc-cats/perlfaq/issues or better yet send a pull request. You can also discuss it on #perl-faq on irc.perl.org

Some questions have "(contributed by ...)", we are no longer doing this for new questions. If one of these questions is completely rewritten then we will remove the (contributed by ...).

By contributing you are giving ownership over to the project, please DO update the Changes file to recognise the work you have contributed.

What needs doing?

Review all current perlfaqs

  • Are they still frequently asked?
  • Is the answer still correct?
  • Is the answer still the best answer?
  • Would a link to an authoritative answer be better than trying to maintain information in the faq (there is lots of duplication in perl documentation, and now lots of it is out of date, we don't want to perpetuate this)?

Suggest new questions

  • What are the current newbie FAQ's that we do not have answers for?

How to get patches made live

Bug ranguard or send a pull request to tpf when upstreamable to tpf/perlfaq - at this point it will be release to CPAN and update the website. It will also be merged into the core Perl distribution periodically (Ranguard needs to work out a process for this).

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