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#! /usr/bin/perl
# $Id:,v 1.1 2002/08/24 15:11:21 kartik_subbarao Exp $
=head1 NAME - Culls unique entries from a reference file with respect to a
comparison file.
=head1 DESCRIPTION takes as input two LDIF files, a reference file and a comparison
file. Each entry in the reference file is compared to its counterpart in the
comparison file. If it does not have a counterpart, or if the counterpart is
not identical, the reference entry is printed to standard output. Otherwise no
output is generated. This behavior is analogous to the -u option of the uniq
=head1 SYNOPSIS reffile.ldif cmpfile.ldif
=head1 AUTHOR
Kartik Subbarao E<lt>subbarao@computer.orgE<gt>
use MIME::Base64;
use strict;
my $reffile = $ARGV[0];
my $cmpfile = $ARGV[1];
die "usage: $0 reffile cmpfile\n" unless $reffile && $cmpfile;
$/ = "";
sub getdn {
my $rec = shift;
my $dn;
1 while s/^(dn:.*)?\n /$1/im; # Handle line continuations
if (/^dn(::?) (.*)$/im) {
$dn = $2;
$dn = decode_base64($dn) if $1 eq '::';
open(CMPFH, $cmpfile) || die "$cmpfile: $!\n";
my (%cmpdnpos, $pos); $pos = 0;
while (<CMPFH>) {
my $dn = getdn($_);
$cmpdnpos{$dn} = $pos;
$pos = tell;
open(REFFH, $reffile) || die "$reffile: $!\n";
while (<REFFH>) {
my $refrec = $_; $refrec .= "\n" if $refrec !~ /\n\n$/;
my $dn = getdn($refrec);
my $pos = $cmpdnpos{$dn};
if ($pos eq undef) {
print $refrec; next; # Not in cmpfile, print the entry.
seek(CMPFH, $pos, 0);
my $cmprec = <CMPFH>; $cmprec .= "\n" if $cmprec !~ /\n\n$/;
print $refrec if $refrec ne $cmprec;
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