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proxy server
  Write a proxy server that can dump PDU's from the real server to
  a file. Then later play these back. This would allow benchmarking
  to produce more reliable figures.

  Still need to add support for moddn

    Needs completion and documentation

command line utilities

  utility functions like explode_dn


performance testing/tuning

    The docs need to be "beefed up" with more descriptions of what the operation
    performs, instead of assuming the user knows and just describing the arguments.
    Maybe steal^Wborrow from other docs and the RFCs
    Need an active maintainer
    Needs to be rewritten so that all code is in a consistant format.
    An introduction to LDAP POD

  Need to find an active maintainer with a creative touch

  Need more tests for anything that can be tested without a server.

  Add a rebind option new() which is a sub. The sub will be passed a
  hostname and should return a new ldap object.

  For this to work we need to be able to chain multiple requests behind a single
  message object so that it looks seamless to the calling script. This would
  be useful for LDAPiranah

  local vs protocol errors

  rfc2649 - Operation Signatures
  dup ent control

  Move the TCP connect out of new() and into a connect() method
  Add a configure/cget methods for options, async and version methods become deprecated
  rename _recvresp and document to make available for async users
  if bind() is passed options then require an auth option, stop accidental anon binds.
    make bind(password => '') illegal, force then to use noauth => ''
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