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0.48 -- Thu Sep 20 10:55:20 CEST 2012
Bug Fixes:
* fix bug in escape_dn_value()
* t/55ssl.t: fix typos in output text
* with encode => 'canonical', do mbcescape DNs
* the usual typo fixes in docs
* adapt to RFC 4511
* Extension/{SetPassword,Refresh}.pm: polish ASN.1 definition
* LWP/Protocol/ respond with requested MIME type
* LWP/Protocol/ document 'x-format' URI extension
* LWP/Protocol/ add DSMLv1 as output format
* test routines updated to work with recent OpenLDAP
* removed trailing spaces
* support OpenLDAP extension: scope => "children"
0.47 -- Sun Sep 16 12:00:30 CEST 2012
Bug Fixes
* contrib/ fix POD
* Intermediate/ fix newcookie() method
* LWP/Protocol/ complete overhaul
* more feature constants in Net/LDAP/
* new features & documentation for LWP/Protocol/
* LWP/Protocol/ support ldapi:// URIs with LWP
* contrib/ demo program for LWP::Protocol::ldap*
* update link list in the FAQ
* update references to RFCs
0.46 -- Wed Sep 5 18:09:00 CEST 2012
Bug Fixes
* unbreak - make done a real sub
* fix typo, i.e. add forgotten ';'
* FAQ.pod: update URLs a bit more
0.45 -- Wed Sep 5 11:20:46 CEST 2012
Bug Fixes
* RT#72108 fix non-blocking IO with SSL
* RT#74572 fix $entry->update($ldif)
* RT#74759 fix POD spelling/grammar errors
* RT#77180 use "sslv23" instead of "sslv2/3" for sslversion
* work around a warning in Authen::SASL::Perl <= 2.1.5
* various typo fixes in documentation
* RT#77458 re-work IPv6 support
* Don't accumulate intermediate messages passed to a callback.
* slightly extend Net::LDAP::Entry->update() and document it
* convenience alias done() for Net::LDAP->unbind()
* various updates to the FAQ
0.44 -- Sun Jan 29 10:36:08 CET 2012
Bug Fixes
* un-break certificate verification
* fixes for the ProxyAuthorization control
* fix typos & spelling errors in POD
* MANIFEST.SKIP: sync with Perl 5.14.2's ExtUtils version
* Makefile.PL: update resource info on repository
* new extended operation Net::LDAP::Extension::Cancel
* new control Net::LDAP::Control::MatchedValues
* new control Net::LDAP::Control::Assertion
* update reference documents in POD
* extend documentation for Pre-Read & Post-Read controls
* add error string for LDAP_VLV_ERROR
* add result codes for VLV and cancel
* add constant for DontUseCopy control
* add constant for PermissiveModify control
0.43 -- Sat Sep 3 12:50:49 CDT 2011
* Fix copy & paste errors in Net::LDAP::Message
0.42 -- Sat Sep 3 07:46:06 CDT 2011
* Check whether LDAP socket object has a peerhost() method defined before calling it. This fixes SASL authentication over UNIX domain (ldapi://) sockets. [Chris Mikkelson]
0.41 -- Sat Sep 3 07:37:31 CDT 2011
* use of non-localised $_ in Net::LDAP::Constant causes prolems in lemonldap-ng [Damyan Ivanov]
* Added cn,o,ou to the default set of case-insensitive attributes [Kartik Subbarao]
* Entry.pod: fix typos [Peter Marschall]
* extend Net::LDAP::Entry->update() to take LDIF objects [Peter Marschall]
* Specify that we want to use the 'ldap' scheme to verify certificates. [Kevan Carstensen]
0.4001 -- Wed Mar 24 14:54:35 CDT 2010
* Update Module::Install and generate META.yml
0.40 -- Thu Mar 11 20:56:28 CST 2010
* Avoid 'cookie parsing error' on OpenLDAP 2.3 [Mathieu Parent]
* Added e-syncRefreshRequired constant [Mathieu Parent]
* Minor typo fix in documentation [Quanah Gibson-Mount]
* Update CREDITS for Mathieu Parent
* Remove runtime dependency on DATA handle for constants
* Clarify documentation for gen_password
* Allow caller to pass Authen::SASL client_new object
* fix typo [Peter Marschall]
* use current IO::Socket::SSL's method start_SSL instead of deprecated function socketToSSL; raise required IO::Socket:SSL version appropriately [Peter Marschall]
* fix regex treatment in _{cis,exact}_substrings(). [Peter Marschall]
* correct # of args in function declarations/definitions [Peter Marschall]
* Don't duplicate documentation [Mathieu Parent]
* Added numcmp option to compare attributes numerically. [Kartik Subbarao]
* Avoid infinite loop when authenticating with EXTERNAL mechanism
* Add Net::LDAP::Extension::Refresh as described in RFC2589 [Etienne Bagnoud]
* RT#40068 Fix tests to work with 2.4.11
* Add ldif method to Net::LDAP::Entry
* RT#46111 Make LWP::Protocol::ldap return ldif when requested
* RT#51165 Compact multiple consecutive spaces in Net::LDAP::Util::canonical_dn
* RT#46125 Add LWP::Protocol::ldaps to support ldaps: urls
* RT#44110 Fix Net::LDAP::LDIF->current_lines
perl-ldap 0.39 -- Mon Oct 27 15:02:37 CDT 2008
Bug Fixes
* Several fixes to the handling of IntermediateMessage and LDAP Content synchronisation
* Fix dsmt test to not fail on win32
* Fix Net::LDAP::Util to not cause Undefined subroutine &Net::LDAP::Util::ldap_error_desc
perl-ldap 0.38 -- Sun Sep 21 09:17:25 CDT 2008
Bug Fixes
* Fix bug in Net::LDAP::Extension using wrong field for resultCode
* Fix Net::LDAP::Control::PasswordPolicy decoding bug.
* Net::LDAP::Extension::SetPassword now supports controls
perl-ldap 0.37 -- Thu Aug 28 07:48:13 CDT 2008
Bug Fixes
* Pass correct hostname to SASL when connecting to a round-robin
* Return the SASL error message when sasl client_start fails
* Add Modify Increment (RFC 4525) support
* Add Content Synchronization (RFC 4453) support
perl-ldap 0.36 -- Mon Apr 21 10:00:09 CDT 2008
Bug Fixes
* Fixed Net::LDAP::constant to return correct names for values 0 - 9
* Fixed DSML test to be more tolerant of whitespace
* Added controls for PreRead & PostRead
perl-ldap 0.35 -- Sun Mar 30 13:35:04 CDT 2008
Bug Fixes
* Fix wrapping in Net::LDAP::LDIF
* Patch from Gergely Santa to allow entries with no attributes in LDIF
* Fix modr?dn to fetch values in sclar context
* send packets in sizes that IO::Socket::SSL can chew
* Avoid attept to use undef as hash reference in ->sync
* Ensure presents final server response to SASL object
* Added vendorName/vendorVersion (RFC 3045) to root_dse()
* add option to support IPv6
* Allow Entry->deleted to be called with a single value is well as array ref
* Added Net::LDAP::Control::PasswordPolicy to support draft RFC
perl-ldap 0.34 -- Sat Feb 10 17:39:49 CST 2007
Bug Fixes
* Improve dealing with mixed case attributes in Net::LDAP::Entry
* Documentation fixes & updates
* Don't let Net::LDAP->bind() die on SASL errors
* Fix case-folding in Net::LDAP::Util::ldap_explode_dn()
* Saner default for ldapi socket
* Update test suite to work with recent OpenLDAP versions
* The usual bunch of typo fixes
* Fix escaping on non-ascii characters in Net::LDAP::Filter
* Flexible handling of line ends in Net::LDAP::LDIF when reading
* Improve writing speed in Net::LDAP::LDIF
* Net::LDAP accessor methods for scheme, host, port, URI connected to
* New checkcrl option to Net::LDAP->new() to do CRL checking
* New package Net::LDAP::Filtermatch for client side filtering
* More ASN1 messages handled in Net::LDAP:ASN: IntermediateResponse
* Option 'raw' to return Perl UTF-8 strings from queries (requires Perl 5.8)
* Support Active Directory's extendedAttributeInfo schema information
* Method to find matchingrule for an attribute in Net::LDAP:Schema
* Updated build dependecies: GSSAPI support, ..
perl-ldap 0.33 -- Mon Apr 25 08:02:26 CDT 2005
Bug Fixes
* Removed superfluous "print" in Net::LDAP::LDIF before _write_attr on writing
* Base64 encode any value starting with < in Net::LDAP::LDIF
* Documentation updates
* Fix case insensitivity issues in contrib/
* Added Net::LDAP::Extension::WhoAmI
* Added write_version() and handle() methods to Net::LDAP::LDIF
* Updated Net::LDAP::Control::ProxyAuth to support new OID from latest rfc-draft
* Added contrib/
* Added ability to do case in comparisons to contrib/
perl-ldap 0.3202 -- Mon Jul 19 11:44:08 BST 2004
Bug Fixes
* Fixed case typo in Makefile.PL
perl-ldap 0.3201 -- Wed Jul 14 21:52:59 BST 2004
Bug Fixes
* Fixed dependancies in Makefile.PL
perl-ldap 0.32 --
Bug Fixes
* Documentation updates
* Fixed LDIF output from ldapsearch command
* Return an error if no filter is passed to Net::LDAP::filter->parse
* Fixed bug handling comments in LDIF parser
* Fix to ldapsearch for passing scope with -s
* Do not send a fake userid in SASL binds
* Net::LDAP::Schema->parse() now returns undef on errors
* Added supportedFeatures to the default list of attributes
fetched by ->root_dse
* Added option to sort attributes in LDIF output, with objectclass
being first floowed by all other attributes in alphabetical order
* Add escape/unescape filters/DN utility functions
* Added support for reading LDIF URL attributes using file://
* The socket created by new can now be bound to a local address & port
* Any controls returned by the server with each entry as a result from a search
are now available in the callback function
* Added classes for EntryChange, PersistentSearch and ManageDsaIT controls
* Allow options passed to Net::LDAP::Entry-.update to be passed to the
Net::LDAP method that is finally called
perl-ldap 0.31 1 Jan 2004
* Fixed bug that could cause methods to return an integer instead of an object
* Fixed bug causing to ignore superior classes that had no attributes
* Documentation updates
* Updates to LDIF module
perl-ldap 0.30 17 Oct 2003
* Documentation updates
* Fixed bug checking return value of client_step in bind()
* Fixed bug in causing method calls on unblessed references
perl-ldap 0.29 24 Jun 2003
* Workaround bug in IO::Socket::SSL when startTLS fails
* Fix reference loop memory leak problem
* Add a SIGNATURE to the distribution
* Re-added support for :all in the import list to get all constants
* New methods error_name, error_text, error_desc added to
perl-ldap 0.28 19 May 2003
* Net::LDAP::Entry object can now be cloned
* New class Net::LDAP::RootDSE
* Net::LDAP->new can now accept URLs for the host
* Added support for ldapi:
* Now supports Notice of disconnection
* Net::LDAP::Constant now implements its own import function, it no
longer inherits from Exporter. So :all and /^LDAP_CONTROL/ etc
are no longer valid arguments for import. The result is that
Net::LDAP::Constant only defined the subs that are needed.
perl-ldap 0.27 27 Jan 2003
* Default protocol version is now version 3
* Fixed support for multiple hosts to be passed to new
perl-ldap 0.26 18 Jul 2002
* canonical_dn and ldap_explode_dn have a new implementation.
* Net::LDAP::DSML reimplemented using XML::SAX
* Net::LDAP::Schema reimplemented. API needed to change to fix
many bugs in previous implementation
* Added support for version number in Net::LDAP::LDIF
(support for fill version still todo)
perl-ldap 0.251 15 May 2002
* Added support for Adamson's SASL authentication
* Both Cyrus SASL and Perl SASL modules are sought
perl-ldap 0.25 29 Oct 2001
* Added support for EXTERNAL SASL authentication
* Caller can now specify attributes to return from root_dse
* More scripts added to contrib
* Various bug fixes
* Caller can now specify sslversion for LDAPS and start_tls
perl-ldap 0.24 17 July 2001
* Added support for startTLS
* Better error checking in Net::LDAP methods
* VLV control now works
* Can now use oid or name for the matchingRule in filter extensible matches
* Major overhaul of
* $schema->name2oid is now context sensetive
* test suite now works with openldap2
perl-ldap 0.23 April 20 2001
* Fixed bug in Net::LDAP::Filter when the filter contained an escaped *
* Fixed SASL bind to call challenge with serverSaslCreds
* Fixed some uninit errors in Net::LDAP::Entry
* Various documention updates
* Added Net::LDAP::Util::canonical_dn
* Net::LDAP::LDIF will now call canonical_dn for any DN which
contains non-printable characters
* Added support for matchingruleuse, ditstructurerules, ditcontentrules
and nameForms into Net::LDAP::Schema
* The ->schema method in Net::LDAP has changed how it finds the
schema to return. The new method is more correct, but there may
be a possibility that this change has created an incompatability.
* New control module Net::LDAP::Control::ProxyAuth from
Olivier Dubois added
* Added support for moddn in Net::LDAP::LDIF.
* Minor fixes to the DSML output (fixing illegal XML.)
perl-ldap 0.22 September 14 2000
* Quick release to fix memory problem with 5.6.0
perl-ldap 0.21 September 12 2000
* Change ->get back to return what 0.19 returned
* Deprecate ->get in favor of ->get_value
* Net::LDAP::Schema now supports matchingRules
* Added experimental onerror option to ->new
* New FAQ by Clif Harden
perl-ldap 0.20 August 3 2000
* Added INSTALL and CREDITS files
* Net::LDAP::Entry ->get and ->attributes methods now support options
* Added Net::LDAP::DSML from Mark Wilcox
* Added Net::LDAPS from Chris Ridd
* Many documentation updates
* Several fixes to ::Control::* classes, they should now work as intended.
* Net::LDAP::Entry->get now always returns a scalar result as documented.
* bin/ldapsearch now requires URI-1.08
perl-ldap 0.19 June 8 2000
* Fixed bug which caused 2nd and subsequent binds to be anonymous.
* Fixed bug in moddn.
* Fix bug which caused a call to ->pop_entry or ->shift_entry
to hang forever.
perl-ldap 0.18 May 22 2000
* Now passes -wc with 5.004, 5.005_03 and 5.6.0
* Bundle now correctly references Convert::ASN1 instead of
the non-existant Convert::ASN
* Net::LDAP::Filter will now catch the case of unmatched
()'s and return an error
* as_struct, which was broken in the changeover to Convert::ASN1,
now works again.
Test t/02filter.t fails with perl 5.6.0 compiled with threads enabled
This is due to a bug in 5.6.0 when compiled with threads, see
perl-ldap 0.17 May 12 2000
* Change to use asn_read instead of asn_resc. This seems to have
fixed the known problem with 0.16
* Various bug fixes, see ChangeLog
perl-ldap 0.16 April 27 2000
* This is the first release which uses Convert::ASN1 instead of
Convert::BER. This should show an increase in performance.
* Added support for LDAPv3 controls. Controls supported are
- VirtualListView
- Sort
- Paged
* HTML version of the documentation is now included in the
* Added Bundle::Net::LDAP
* Net::LDAP->schema can now be told where to search for the schema.
In a pre-release of 0.16 it has been seen that a search result may
not contain all entries and $mesg->code will be LDAP_DECODING_ERROR.
This has been seen when the client is running on NT or Linux and the
server is an Exchange server.
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