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This directory is available in the perl-ldap Git repository at
The files in this directory are
tklkup A Perl/Tk script to do LDAP directory lookups
dot.tklkup Control file for tklkup Print all members of a group (does recursive evaluation) Determine if a given user is a member of a given group Display JPEG photos from an LDAP directory Load JPEG photos into an LDAP directory entry A (simplified) ldapmodify clone written in Perl Generate LDIF change diff between two sorted LDIF files Sort an LDIF file by the specified key attribute. Cull unique entries from a reference file with
respect to a comparison file. Recursively delete a branch in an LDAP directory A simple LDAP proxy which can act as a man-in-the-middle A sample application to show the usage of LWP::Protocol::LDAP
Most files contain a POD with full description and author contacts.
perldoc tklkup
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