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use Test::More;
use Net::LDAP::Util qw(canonical_dn);
# Each line has an opcode and a DN, opcode are
# bad cacnonical_dn should return undef
# ref Set new reference DN
# same Should be the same as the current refdn
# diff Should be different to the current refdn
my @tests = map { /^(\w+)\s+(.*)/ } <DATA>;
plan tests => scalar(@tests) >> 1;
my $refdn;
while(my($op,$dn) = splice(@tests,0,2)) {
my $canon = canonical_dn($dn);
my $failed = 0;
if ($op eq 'ref') {
if ($failed = !defined $canon) {
print "'$dn' should have parsed\n";
elsif ($op eq 'bad') {
if ($failed = defined $canon) {
print "'$dn' should not have parsed\n '$canon'\n";
elsif ( $op eq 'same' ) {
if ($failed = !defined $canon) {
print "'$dn' failed to parse\n";
elsif ($failed = $canon ne $refdn) {
print "'$refdn'\n\ndid not match\n\n from '$dn'\n got '$canon'\n";
elsif ($op eq 'diff' ) {
if ($failed = !defined $canon) {
print "'$dn' failed to parse\n";
elsif ($failed = $canon eq $refdn) {
print "'$refdn'\n\nmatched\n\n'$dn'\n'$canon'\n";
else {
$failed = 1;
warn "Bad opcode $op\n";
ok(!$failed, "$dn is " . (($op eq 'bad') ? 'illegal' : 'legal'));
bad OU=Sales+CN=J. Smith,O=Widget Inc.,C=US,
ref CN=J. Smith+OU=Sales,O=Widget Inc.,C=US
same ou=Sales+cn=J. Smith,O=Widget Inc.,C=US
same cn=J. Smith+ou=Sales,O=Widget Inc.,C=US
same cn=J.\20Smith+ou=Sales,O=Widget\20Inc.,C=US
same OU=Sales+CN=J. Smith;O=Widget Inc.;C=US
same OU=Sales + CN=J. Smith,O=Widget Inc.,C=US
same OU=Sales+CN=J. Smith , O=Widget Inc. , C=US
same OU = Sales+CN =J. Smith,O= Widget Inc.,C=US
same OU="Sales"+CN=J. Smith,O=Widget Inc.,C=US
diff OU="Sales+CN=J. Smith",O=Widget Inc.,C=US
ref cn=J.\20Smith\+ou=Sales,O=Widget\20Inc.,C=US
ref cn=Clerk #1\+ou=Sales,O=Widget\20Inc.,C=US
ref CN=Babs Jensen,O=Widget Inc.,C=US
same cn=Babs Jensen,o=Widget Inc.,c=US
# This is here to test a restriction that
# canonical_dn does not decode BER encoded values
same oid.,O=Test,C=GB
same OID.,O=Test,C=GB
ref CN=Clif Harden+IDNUMBER=a0125589\20,OU=tiPerson,OU=person,O=ti,C=us
diff cn=Clif Harden+IDNumber=a0125589,ou=tiPerson,ou=person,o=ti,c=us
same cn=Clif Harden+IDNumber=a0125589\ ,ou=tiPerson,ou=person,o=ti,c=us
same cn=Clif Harden+IDNumber=a0125589\20 ,ou=tiPerson,ou=person,o=ti,c=us
same cn=Clif Harden+IDNumber="a0125589 ",ou=tiPerson,ou=person,o=ti,c=us
ref CN=\20\20Graham Barr\20\20,OU=person,O=vc,C=us
same Cn=" Graham Barr ",OU=person,O=vc,C=us
same cn=" Graham \20Barr\20 ",OU=person,O=vc,C=us
# empty
ref UID=jsmith,DC=example,DC=net
same UID=jsmith,DC=example,DC=net
ref CN=J. Smith+OU=Sales,DC=example,DC=net
same OU=Sales+CN=J. Smith,DC=example,DC=net
ref CN=John Smith\2c III,DC=example,DC=net
same CN=John Smith\, III,DC=example,DC=net
same CN=John Smith\2C III,DC=example,DC=net
ref CN=Before\0dAfter,DC=example,DC=net
same CN=Before\0dAfter,DC=example,DC=net
ref CN=\23John Smith\20,DC=example,DC=net
same CN=\23John Smith\20,DC=example,DC=net
same CN=\#John Smith\ ,DC=example,DC=net
ref CN=Lučić
same CN=Lu\C4\8Di\C4\87
# empty value
ref 1.1.1=
# option
bad uid;x-option=jsmith
# invalid attribute type name
bad at_tr=jsmith
# invalid attribute type name
bad -attr=jsmith
# invalid attribute type name
#bad OID.1.1=jsmith
# invalid numeric OID
bad 1..1=jsmith
# invalid numeric OID
bad 1.1.=jsmith
# invalid numeric OID
#bad 01.1=jsmith
# invalid numeric OID
bad 1.ff=jsmith
# invalid HEX form
bad 1.1.1=#GG
# invalid HEX form
bad 1.1.1=#000
# invalid HEX form
bad 1.1.1=#F
# invalid HEX form
bad 1.1.1=#
# spaces
#bad UID=jsmith, DC=example, DC=net
# extra comma
bad UID=jsmith,,DC=example,DC=net
# semi-colons
#bad UID=jsmith;DC=example;DC=net
# quotes
#bad CN="John Smith",DC=example,DC=net
# brackets
bad <UID=jsmith,DC=example,DC=net>
# unescaped ,
bad UID=john,smith
# unescaped +
bad UID=john+smith
# invalid escape of ? or unescaped \
bad UID=john\?smith
# invalid hex escape
bad UID=john\Fsmith
# invalid hex escape
bad UID=john\GGsmith
ref CN=John Smith \2c III,DC=example,DC=net
same CN=John Smith \, III,DC=example,DC=net
same CN=John Smith \2C III,DC=example,DC=net
same distinguishedNameTableKey=cn\=DSA\, c\=GB, cn=bilateral table, cn=DSA, c=US
# RT 51165
ref CN=tester\2c karl,OU=test,DC=example,DC=com
same cn=tester\, karl,ou=test,dc=example,dc=com
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