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# Currently test that require a server are only implemented to work
# with OpenLDAP v2.4.xx or higher. Edit this file so the tests
# can find the executable and know what type of server it is
# Set this to the full path of your LDAP server executable
# (e.g '/usr/sbin/slapd')
$SERVER_EXE = '<path to ldap server executable>';
# This should be one of
# * openldap[+ssl][+ipc][+sasl]
# options are appended with '+' signs
$SERVER_TYPE = 'openldap';
# Change this if your host cannot be contacted as localhost
# Some tests may fail if the name does not resolve to an IPv4 and an IPv6 address
#$HOST = 'localhost';
# Set this to the directory where your OpenLDAP schema files are located
# OpenLDAP DB type: default is bdb, alternatives: hdb, mdb, ...
#$SLAPD_DB = 'bdb';
# Set this to the slapd module directory if your $SLAPD_DB is dynamically built
# (e.g. '/usr/lib/ldap/')
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