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<dd>Use LDAP over a UNIX-domain socket</dd>
<dt><a name="Net::LDAP::Message" class="notranslate" href="">Net::LDAP::Message</a></dt>
<dd>Message response from LDAP server</dd>
+ <dt><a name="Net::LDAP::Intermediate" class="notranslate" href="">Net::LDAP::Intermediate</a></dt>
+ <dd>Intermediate response object base class</dd>
+ <dt><a name="Net::LDAP::Intermediate::SyncInfo" class="notranslate" href="">Net::LDAP::Intermediate::SyncInfo</a></dt>
+ <dd>Sync Info Message object</dd>
<dt><a name="Net::LDAP::Search" class="notranslate" href="">Net::LDAP::Search</a></dt>
<dd>Object returned by <span class="notranslate">Net::LDAP</span> search method</dd>
<dt><a name="Net::LDAP::Entry" class="notranslate" href="">Net::LDAP::Entry</a></dt>
@@ -193,6 +197,8 @@
<dd>Support for using <em>ldapi://</em> schemed URLs with <span class="notranslate">LWP</span></dd>
<dt><a name="LWP::Protocol::ldaps" class="notranslate" href="">LWP::Protocol::ldaps</a></dt>
<dd>Support for using <em>ldaps://</em> schemed URLs with <span class="notranslate">LWP</span></dd>
+ <dt><a name="Net::LDAP::FilterMatch" class="notranslate" href="">Net::LDAP::FilterMatch</a></dt>
+ <dd>LDAP entry matching on the <span class="notranslate">Perl</span> side</dd>
<p>At the 2001 O'Reilly Open Source Conference, Graham Barr presented <a href="perl-ldap-oscon2001.pdf">this</a> tutorial.</p>

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