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* fix typos
* replace references to with those to GitHub
* update some links
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@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ Controls
Move the TCP connect out of new() and into a connect() method
Add a configure/cget methods for options, async and version methods become deprecated
- rename _recvresp and document to make avaliable for async users
+ rename _recvresp and document to make available for async users
if bind() is passed options then require an auth option, stop accidental anon binds.
make bind(password => '') illegal, force then to use noauth => ''
4 contrib/README
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-This directory is avaliable in the perl-ldap SVN repository at
+This directory is available in the perl-ldap Git repository at
The files in this directory are
31 lib/Net/LDAP/FAQ.pod
@@ -1013,15 +1013,14 @@ indicative, and will differ for different people.
to the contrib section?
Any one can submit a Perl script that uses perl-ldap for inclusion
-in the contrib section. Graham Barr will determine if the script
-will be included and will do the initial check in of the script
-to the SVN system on Graham will make you
-the owner/developer of the script.
+in the contrib section. The perl-ldap maintainers will determiner
+if the script will be included and will do the initial check in of
+the script to the Git repository at
There are a couple of requirements for consideration.
You must supply a one line description of your script to be included
-in the contrib readme file.
+in the contrib README file.
Inside the script will be the pod documentation for the script.
No auxiliary documentation will be allowed. For examples of how
@@ -1450,14 +1449,20 @@ Mark Wahl's LDAP World at Innosoft.
(outdated: last update was in 1998)
-Open Source LDAP Directory Server.
+OpenLDAP Directory Server - open source LDAP server.
+389 Directory Server - open source LDAP server
+ApacheDS - open source LDAP server in Java
-IBM Directory Server
+IBM Tivoli Directory Server
@@ -1466,26 +1471,20 @@
Isode (was MessagingDirect)
-Netscape Directory Developers Area
Nexor's X.500 and Internet Directories
Novell's eDirectory
-Novell's LDAPzone
Octet String
SUN JAVA JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface)
-Sun One, formerly Iplanet.
+Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition, formerly Sun One, formerly iPlanet.
Eine deutsche LDAP Website
A german LDAP Website

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