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Commits on Oct 6, 2012
  1. @marschap

    Release 0.49

    marschap authored
  2. @marschap add examples for Active Directory

    marschap authored
    Add examples for MS Active Directory
    - how to create account and groups
    - how to search for accounts & groups using the
      LDAP_MATCHING_RULE_BIT_AND matching rule
  3. @marschap
  4. @marschap
Commits on Oct 3, 2012
  1. @marschap add methods is_AD & is_ADAM

    marschap authored
    Add methods to determine whether an LDAP server is an AD,
    so that the AD specific methods can be used.
  2. @marschap
  3. @marschap
Commits on Sep 28, 2012
  1. @marschap canonicalize host name with ldapi://

    marschap authored
    Having the host name canonicalized allows one to call start_tls()
    with option verify => 'require', which does hostname checking.
    Confirmed to work for Quanah.
  2. @marschap
  3. @marschap don't try to set errors on undefined objects

    marschap authored
    When disconnecting, make sure the set_error() method is called only
    on defined objects
    Author: Howard Wilkinson <>
    Originally sent in via private mail to Graham Barr:
     Date: 20.06.2012 13:06
     From: Howard Wilkinson <>
     To: gbarr <>
     Reply to:
     However, the DESTROY is still being called and killing the error
     messages - so this could do with being added to the package.
     ---    2012-06-20 12:02:36.000000000 +0100
     +++     2012-06-20 12:03:01.000000000 +0100
     @@ -902,6 +902,7 @@
       if (my $msgs = delete $self->{net_ldap_mesg}) {
         foreach my $mesg (values %$msgs) {
     +     next unless (defined $mesg);
           $mesg->set_error($err, $etxt);
Commits on Sep 21, 2012
  1. @marschap extend ldap_explode_dn() for RFC 4514

    marschap authored
    Extend ldap_explode_dn() to also parse DNs that conform to RFC 4514.
    This way ldap_explode_dn() is rather lax in checking what it allows or not,
    but tries to make sense of as much DNs as possible.
      - only spaces ignored around attribute value instead of \s
      - NUL (U+0000) not allowed unquoted in attribute value
      - sharp/square/octothorpe (U+0023) allowed unquoted unless at first position
      - equal sign (U+003D) allowed unquoted in attribute value
      - space (U+0020) allowed to be quoted by \\ in a quoted pair
    Test cases adapted accordingly.
Commits on Sep 20, 2012
  1. @marschap

    Release 0.48

    marschap authored
  2. @marschap

    Merge marschap/next into next

    marschap authored
  3. @marschap fix bug in escape_dn_value()

    marschap authored
    The original implementation replaced any leading & trailing whitespace
    with '\20', the replacement for SPACE (U+0020).
    This could lead to tabulators, newlines, ... being wrongly replaced by '\20'.
    This commit fixes the issue.
Commits on Sep 18, 2012
  1. @marschap
  2. @marschap
  3. @marschap
  4. @marschap

    FAQ.pod: updates

    marschap authored
    * mark questions as such, i.e. with a question mark
    * consistent naming of perl-ldap: lowercase
  5. @marschap
  6. @marschap

    LWP/Protocol/ respond with requested MIME type

    marschap authored
    Instead of answering with the simplistic faked MIME type 'text/FORMAT',
    get the mime type from the HTTP Accept header, and use it in the response's
    HTTP Content-Type header.
  7. @marschap
  8. @marschap
  9. @marschap

    Changes: fix typo

    marschap authored
  10. @marschap

    tests with server: don't fail on undefined $SLAPD_MODULE_DIR

    marschap authored
    Define $SLAPD_MODULE_DIR in t/ in case it is not defined in my.cfg or
  11. @marschap fix typo in comment

    marschap authored
  12. @marschap
  13. @marschap
  14. @marschap with encode => 'canonical', do mbcescape DNs

    marschap authored
    Better standard conformance when writing LDIFs with the encode option set to
    'canonical': encode multi-octet UTF-8 sequences as sequences of hexpairs,
    each preceded by a backslash.
  15. @marschap
  16. @marschap

    tests with server: updated OpenLDAP schema files

    marschap authored
    Updated OpenLDAP schema files to those of OpenLDAP 2.4.32.
    While at it, I added the missing data/openldap.schema.
  17. @marschap

    tests with server: updated for recent OpenLDAP & cleanup

    marschap authored
    * make 'bdb' the default for $SLAPD_DB
    * rename OpenLDAP-specific variables to $SLAPD_...
    * require LDAPv3 support
    * add variable $SLAPD_MODULE_DIR for dynamcally loaded modules
    * rename config template to data/
    * rename config used to $TEMPDIR/slapd.conf
  18. @marschap
  19. @marschap

    Extension/ polish ASN.1 definition

    marschap authored
    Use OCTET STRING in ASN.1 definition instead of STRING,
    and add comment on the intended data.
  20. @marschap

    Extension/ polish ASN.1 definition

    marschap authored
    Use OCTET STRING in ASN.1 definition instead of STRING,
    and add comment on the intended data.
  21. @marschap adapt to RFC 4511

    marschap authored
    * remove AttributeType
    * replace AttributeDescriptionList to AttributeSelection
    * introduce PartialAttribute
    * rename LDAPURL to URI
    * replace AttributeTypeAndValues by PartialAttribute
    In addition, clean up alignment a bit, and remove trailing spaces.
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