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SSL server tests: re-generate key.pem & cert.pem
Besides re-generating the server key & certificate,
also add a script + OpenSSL config file that can
re-generate the key & certificate.
Makefile.PL: overhaul
- depend on perl 5.8.1 (because of Unicode changes)
- get rid of braces
- harmonize indentation
- merge resources stanzas into one
- add bugtracker resource
- remove useless include of ExtUtils::AutoInstall
- require Test::More instead of trying to include it
- recommend optional dependencies
- use arguments for WriteAll
The increased version number of Net::LDAP::Util also fixes
the re-opened CPAN bug #79763.
t/ get rid of local compare function
Use File::Compare's compare instead.
Adapt t/05dsml.t, which used it too, accordingly.
t/ allow client() to take options for Net::LDAP
Start with support for debug, inet4 & inet6.
FAQ.pod: small fixes
* typo: Ho -> How
* =item -> =head2
tests: rename data/5X*.ldif -> data/4X*.ldif
Adapt names of data files for tests to the renamed test files.
Update tests accordingly. correct implementation of some rules
* booleanMatch
* integerBitAndMatch
* integerBitOrMatch avoid warning if no matching rule is found
Plus some small changes to harmonize coding style.
tests: harmonize data/42-in.ldif to data/41-in.ldif
Adapt data/42-cmp.ldif accordingly to not fail any tests fix objectIdentifierMatch
It needs to be able to match not only OIDs but also e.g. names of
objectclasses - the latter independent of case.
t/70sortctrl.t: convert to "regular" test with server
Adapt slapd config file accordingly to laod the required overlay. fix mapping of greaterOrEqual
greaterOrEqual matches are ordering matches, and no equality matches.
Fix the mapping table accordingly. fix _cis_approxMatch
_cis_approxMatch works on caseIgoreStrings, and should thus ignore case.

Add test cases to t/07filtermatch.t
tests: minimize errors/warnings on Test::More <= 0.8.0
Call note and explain as functions [i.e. with braces],
hide them behind if ($ENV{TEST_VERBOSE}).

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Merge pull request #13 from marschap/next
changes in preparation of next release

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