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marschap added some commits Dec 1, 2012
@marschap marschap fix typo in documentation fe0c2ae
@marschap marschap example for certificateExactMatch 0ab51ae
@marschap marschap global overhaul: unquote identifiers used as hash keys
Get rid of quotes around identifiers in hash keys.
Rely on the "auto-quote" feature of the $hash{identifier}.
@marschap marschap global overhaul: unquote identifiers before =>
Unquote identifiers used as hash keys when occurring before =>.
Rely on the "quotes the operand to the left" feature of =>.
@marschap marschap gobal overhaul: make private lexical variables more private 8f074e6
@marschap marschap global overhaul: SPACE between if,elsif,unless,while,for and ( cc22938
@marschap marschap global overhaul: 2 SPACEs before postfix if,unless,or,and 7516fce
@marschap marschap global overhaul: SPACE after comma 96786a5
@marschap marschap global overhaul: use single-quoted strings where possible db02c55
@marschap marschap {Pre,PostRead} unbreak, use ASN.1 as of RFC 4527
Use AttributeSelection instead of the deprecated AttributeDescriptionList,
and SearchResultEntry instead of the ASN.1 structure from one of the early
@marschap marschap remove obsolete prSearchResultEntry
This definition was used in early drafts for RFC 4527, but got superseded by
SearchResultEntry in later drafts and the RFC.

Now that perl-ldap's PreRead & PostRead controls are fixed too, the definition
here can go for good.
@marschap marschap t/7{1pre,2post}read.t: new, tests for Pre&PostRead controls da1b443
@marschap marschap /70sortctrl.t: fix number of tests skipped 143daa5
@marschap marschap merged commit 069426a into perl-ldap:next Jan 1, 2013
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