cperl-5.27.0 released

@rurban rurban released this May 17, 2017 · 2475 commits to master since this release

Current status at http://perl11.org/cperl/STATUS.html
Changes at http://perl11.org/cperl/perlcdelta.html
Overview at http://perl11.org/cperl/perlcperl.html


  • study HASH CODE ARRAY with hash shrink.
  • much faster HASH split (10^8x faster, which is measurable even if not often used)
  • strict hashpairs
  • on BOM set utf8 and unicode_strings
  • Safer perl -c:s cmdline flag
  • Faster glob
  • dtraces probes for hash and globs
  • Initial pgcc compiler support
  • Support long paths (>4096)
  • Many mingw and cygwin fixes.
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