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  • perl6-like class/roles/method/has OO, see (multi later with 5.27.2)
  • Optimized and fixed method lookup on classes
  • Check and normalize stringified names
  • Added strict names, see
  • ~3.5% faster XS calls
  • optimized iter loops a bit (~20%), but still generating the AND op.
  • warn on unused constant args in a list with next, goto, redo, last, dump.
  • inc_version_list skips now older development versions.
  • -Dusedevel optional
  • Support cperlivp -d DESTDIR
  • Fixed Porting/
  • Fixed many mingw and cygwin issues. smokers added. no dlltool. optimized mingw builds (use new gcc features), ...
  • Fixed signature corruption with skip'ed arguments
  • Harmonized TOKENBUF_SIZE and stack buf sizes
  • Fixed critical regex stack recursion overflow with DEBUGGING
  • Added missing arity checks to readline(1,2,3) and readpipe
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