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+title: "Concurrency and parallelism"
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+Perl has many approaches to achieving concurrent execution and parallel
+computing. These approaches work at different levels of data analysis ranging
+from splitting up jobs using Perl [threads](
+and [forks]( to parallel computations
+using GPU and MPI modules and to harnessing Perl for Big Data tasks (for
+example Blekko's [use of clusters](
+for crawling the Web).
+More information on packages that can help you get started can be found on the
+software page under the "Parallel Computing" section.
@@ -15,3 +15,14 @@ This site has a sister Google Group called <a href="
A major feature of Perl is its users willingness to share their code. Peruse the [Software]({{ root_url }}/software) page to find modules that may be of use to you in your field of study.
+## Using Perl for Science
+### Concurrency
+Many data analysis tasks can be computationally time-consuming, but
+fortunately, Perl has the tools to help speed up the calculations by running
+them concurrently. See the
+[Concurrency and parallelism]({{ root_url }}/concurrency-and-parallelism) page
+for more information.

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