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2018-10-25 Daniël van Eeden, Patrick Galbraith,
DBI/DBD community (4.050)
* Fix SQL syntax for statements that have "...limit = ?" #288
* Make tests pass on MySQL 4.1 #286
* Travis-CI: Install Test::Deep #281
* Fix undefined ssl_verify_set on MySQL 5.0 and before #283
* Fix compilation on MySQL 4.1 #283
* Move Travis to dbdeployer (#284) #284
* Fix compiling on 8.0.0 and 8.0.1 #285
* Fix compatibility with MariaDB 10.3 #291
2018-10-25 Daniël van Eeden, Patrick Galbraith,
DBI/DBD community (4.049)
* Fix MariaDB issue #262
* Various fixes for travis builds
* Fix to issue 187: Don't declare enum_type as static
* Fix regex for removing database from DSN again
* Allow to call $sth->mysql_async_ready and $sth->mysql_async_result more times without discarding result state 201
2018-09-15 Daniël van Eeden, Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen,
DBI/DBD community (4.048)
* Fix corrupted META.json so cpan installations work as expected.
2018-09-08 Daniël van Eeden, Patrick Galbraith, DBI/DBD community (4.047)
* Add options needed for public key based security.
* Allow several spaces after LIMIT clause.
* Basic GTID tracking.
* Fix GCC 8.1 warnings
* Fix warning: unused variable ‘buffer_len’
* Fix warning about bind->is_null assignment with incompatible pointer type
* Get rid of warning about unused variable ssl_verify_set
* Fix space/tab issue which leads to misleading indentation
* Change spaces/tabs to get rid of GCC8 warning
2018-03-09 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.046_01)
* Updated documentation re. multithreading (Daniël van Eeden)
* Remove #IFDEFs for code detecting ancient DBI versions. The minimum
DBI version we require is version 1.609 from 2009!
* ChopBlanks should not trim binary fields (urcheon)
* Skipped test which failed on OpenBSD because Proc::ProcessTable does not
come with a 'size' attribute on this platform (glasswalk3r, pali)
* Improved test suite with regards to MySQL 8.0
* Improved macOS installation notes.
* Use Devel::CheckLib 1.09 or newer, fixes
* Specify bigint as test dependency
* Add recommends and suggests tests dependencies (pali)
* Check only for libs via Devel::CheckLib in Makefile.PL (pali)
* Remove param --with-mysql from Makefile.PL documentation (pali)
* Check if specified Makefile.PL settings are working (pali)
* Remember mysql_config value for Makefile.PL (pali)
* Locate MySQL libs using Devel::CheckLib (pali)
* Added a fix for 30insertfetch failure when using server-side prepared
statements. The stmt was being freed for DML statements before
the handle attribute was read, mysql_info was reading back nulls
2018-02-08 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.046)
* Version bump because of issue with META file in 4.045 release.
2018-02-06 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.045)
* Use API function for reconnect; fixes compilation on MariaDB 10.2.6+.
Fix provided by Pali.
* Fixed broken link to MySQL download page, provided by Mohammad S Anwar.
* Spelling fixes, provided by Ville Skyttä.
2018-01-22 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.044)
* Reapply
"Improve SSL settings, reflect changes for BACKRONYM and
Riddle vulnerabilities, enforce SSL encryption when mysql_ssl=1 is set"
Thank you to Pali Rohar, Daniël van Eeden,, et al:w
* Fix parsing configure libs from mysql_config --libs output in Makefile.PL
Libraries in mysql_config --libs output can be specified by library name
with the -l prefix or by absolute path to library name without any prefix.
Parameters must start with a hyphen, so treat all options without leading
hyphen in mysql_config --libs output as libraries with full path.
Partially fixes bug
Fix by Pali Rohár.
* Return INTs with ZEROFILL as strings. Reported by Knarf, fix by Pali Rohár.
* Correct require on relative path for perl 5.26. Fix by Grinnz.
2017-06-29 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.043)
This version is the same as 4.041 with all its bugs and
limitations. In version 4.042 there were some changes to Unicode handling
that turned out to be causing issues with existing implementations.
While it is possible to argue that the old behaviour was wrong and buggy,
lots of applications and scripts were depending on this behaviour so it
is NOT a good idea to change this.
There were lots of commits since 4.041, we'll add those back bit by bit
in a future release, excluding the ones which cause problems.
2017-??-?? Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.042_01)
* Use Devel::CheckLib 1.09 or newer, fixes
* Improve CI testing on AppVeyor: caching, path to cpan, configure deps (pali)
* Specify bigint as test dependency.
2017-03-08 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.042)
* Full release to include development releases 4.041_2 and 4.041_1.
2017-02-28 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.041_2)
* Statement handle now also has mysql_sock attribute, just as database handle.
(by Pali)
* Fix type conversions for magic types. Issue reported by Dmitriy Yatsenko and
Giovanni Bechis, fix by Pali.
* Fix UTF8-encoding of table names, field names, warnings and error messages.
Reported by Tanabe Yoshinori, fix by Pali.
* Fix mysql_auto_reconnect when using mysql_server_prepare (pali). Reported by
Vladimir Marek.
* Improve regex for removing database from dsn (pali)
* Locate MySQL libs using Devel::CheckLib (pali)
* Support async on Windows (pali)
* Fix test suite on range of older and newer MySQL and MariaDB versions
* Fix compilation on MySQL 4.1 (pali)
* Do not leak dangling pointer to mysql result (pali)
* Fix logic when assigning to variable bind_comment_placeholders (pali)
* mysql_fd() still returned file descriptor after closing connection.
Reported by Larry Leszczynski, fixed by Pali Rohár.
* Fix parsing configure libs from mysql_config --libs output in Makefile.PL
Libraries in mysql_config --libs output can be specified by library name
with the -l prefix or by absolute path to library name without any prefix.
Parameters must start with a hyphen, so treat all options without leading
hyphen in mysql_config --libs output as libraries with full path.
Partially fixes bug
Fix by Pali Rohár.
* Fix support for magic scalars (pali)
2016-12-12 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.041_1)
* Unicode fixes: when using mysql_enable_utf8 or mysql_enable_utf8mb4,
previous versions of DBD::mysql did not properly encode input statements
to UTF-8 and retrieved columns were always UTF-8 decoded regardless of the
column charset.
Fix by Pali Rohár.
Reported and feedback on fix by Marc Lehmann
Also, the UTF-8 flag was not set for decoded data:
* Return INTs with ZEROFILL as strings. Reported by Knarf, fix by Pali Rohár.
2016-11-28 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.041)
* Fix use-after-free for repeated fetchrow_arrayref calls when
Function dbd_st_fetch() via Renew() can reallocate output buffer for
mysql_stmt_fetch() call. But it does not update pointer to that buffer in
imp_sth->stmt structure initialized by mysql_stmt_bind_result() function.
That leads to use-after-free in any mysql function which access
imp_sth->stmt structure (e.g. mysql_stmt_fetch()).
This patch fix this problem and properly updates pointer in imp_sth->stmt
structure after Renew() call.
This is a medium level security issue to which the Debian security team
assigned identifier CVE-2016-1251. Discovered and fixed by Pali Rohár.
* auto_reconnect now also matches CR_SERVER_LOST, previously this only
Fix suggested by Wouter de Jong.
* Fix compilation fixes (Pali Rohár).
2016-11-19 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.040)
* Since 4.038 we had problems compiling on big-endian architectures, such
as MIPS, s390 and Sparc. Thanks to Salvatore Bonaccorso @ Debian project
and Vladimir Marek (
for reporting the issues. Fix by Pali Rohár.
Fix integer types when server side prepare statements are enabled
Fixed problems:
* SQL_BIGINT was incorrectly handled as 32bit MYSQL_TYPE_LONG type instead
64bit MYSQL_TYPE_LONGLONG which led to integer overflow/underflow
* 32bit MYSQL_TYPE_LONG was used for perl's IV storage when IV was 64bit
and 64bit MYSQL_TYPE_LONGLONG was used when IV was 32bit
* All unsigned types were handled as signed, so all high positive values
were treated as negative
* Numeric conversions in perl which led to overflow/underflow was ignored
even when mysql strict mode was enabled
* Test t/41int_min_max.t was running only for normal non-prepared statements
* Test t/40server_prepare.t used incorrect SQL type for big (64bit) integers
2016-11-15 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.039)
* Fix for security issue Out-of-bounds read by DBD::mysql CVE-2016-1249 (pali)
2016-10-30 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.038_01)
* Fix compilation of embedded server (pali)
* Fix compilation against libmariadbclient. First version by
H.Merijn Brand, improved by Bernt Johnsen @ Oracle.
* For efficiency use newSVpvn() instead newSVpv() where possible (pali)
* Correctly coerce fetched scalar values when mysql_server_prepare is
not used (pali)
* Add support for fetching columns of BIT type with
mysql_server_prepare = 1 (pali)
* Use correct format in printf instead of casting variable types (pali)
* Include errno.h for MYSQL_ASYNC because it uses errno variable (pali)
* Travis: also test on perl 5.22 and 5.24.
2016-10-19 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.038)
* Version 4.037_1 had fixes for MySQL 8.0 provided
Bernt Johnsen @ Oracle that were not in the Changelogs
* Fixes for compiling against newer libmysqlclient on Windows (kmx)
* Fix unit test for 40server_prepare_crash on Windows (pali)
* Perl's IV in scalar can store 64bit integer when perl was compiled
with 64 bit support (default on 64bit linux with gcc). Use this
feature and stores MYSQL_TYPE_LONGLONG as integers instead of strings
when possible. (pali,
2016-10-14 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.037_01)
* Newest versions of libmysqlclient and the MariaDB C connector no longer
export the __WIN__ macro. If this macro is not present we would not
compile in the poll.h-based async-support. Changed to use the _WIN32
macro instead. Thanks to Sergei Golubchik for suggesting the fix.
* Fix from Pali Rohár for use-after-free in prepared statements,
changes to bind logic, and added test 40server_prepare_crash.
2016-10-03 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.037)
* Security release to patch possible buffer overflow in unsafe sprintf with
variable length. Reported and fixed by Pali Rohár. This vulnerability
is present in all releases at least back to versions 3.0 of the
driver, which were released in 2005.
The CVE identifier for this vulnerability is CVE-2016-1246.
2016-08-23 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.036)
Stable version, to include all changes since 4.035.
2016-08-19 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.035_03)
* By mistake, when DBD::mysql was compiled against libmariadb, it
did not compile in SSL support.
Reported by Jitka Plesnikova @ Red Hat
* If the database test server was not on localhost and the test database was
not yet created, we would not correctly create the test database.
Reported by Vladimir Marek.
2016-08-11 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.035_02)
* Test 56connattr.t failed when run when performance schema is enabled, but
tests were run as a user with limited permissions.
Reported by Jérôme Étévé.
* In 4.033_03 we added a patch from Petr Písař @ Red Hat for a problem on
64-bit big-endian systems. The patch was applied but the unit test was not,
also, there was no entry in the change log.
Unit test provided by Vladimir Marek.
t/40server_prepare.t test failed on s390x platform. Server-prepared
values of types int, smallint, and tinyint are passed to application
as 32-bit integer. The same buffer was interpreted as long integer
by DBD::MySQL. This caused misaligned read/write and bogus
interpretation of the values.
* Remove dropdb, createdb, reload and shutdown admin functions from perldoc.
These are deprecated by the C API.
Use 'CREATE DATABASE..', 'DROP DATABASE...' and other SQL commands instead.
* Test rt75353-innodb-lock-timeout.t fails on MySQL Server 5.1 and earlier
because innodb_lock_wait_timeout is not modifyable per session.
* Test rt25389-bin-case.t does not work on MySQL Server < 5.1, reported by
2016-08-01 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.035_01)
* Apparently, on t/31insertid.t, there is one test that fails when compiled
against libmysqlclient 5.7 or up; issuing a SELECT statement on the same
database handle that previously executed an INSERT clears
$dbh->{mysql_insertid}, while previously this was retained.
* Removed appveyor.yml and mysql.mtest from CPAN releases.
* Converted README.pod to because of installation failures on
FreeBSD, reported by Don Randolph.
2016-07-09 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.035)
* Add DBI back to configure_requires, fix by miyagawa.
2016-07-06 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.034)
* Full version, to include all changes since 4.033.
2016-07-04 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.033_03)
* Check for errors after calling mysql_affected_rows(), by Pali.
* Fix reference to MySQL manual, chapter Character Set Support, suggested
by Slaven Rezić (
* Improve documentation on current database, suggested by Vladimir Marek.
2015-12-18 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.033_02)
* Compile against libssl by default. This allows to connect against remote
MySQL servers using SSL. Previously this was only achieved with an explicit
switch provided to Makefile.PL - if for some reason you can't or don't want
to link against libssl, you can use the new --nossl switch to Makefile.PL.
* Made tests more robust after CPAN Testers failures.
2015-12-15 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.033_01)
* Raise minimum DBI version to 1.609 (from 2009!) in order to make
tests pass on RHEL5.
* Add explicit documentation for how to enable SSL at build time,
provided by genio.
* Improve test suite to make it more robust using mixed versions of client and
* Fix use after free error in my_login, provided by hannob.
* Add explicit instructions stating brackets are required around ipv6-addresses
in connection strings, provided by Kenny Gryp.
2015-10-26 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.033)
* Full-release to include 03.
2015-10-25 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.032_03)
* Use mysql_get_option to read net_buffer_length and mysql_get_parameter
where available, needed for MySQL 5.7.9. Patch from berntm @ Oracle.
* Fix mysql_conn_attrs test when run against MySQL 5.1 server.
* Fix for memory leak to $sth->{ParamValues} , RT83051
* Fixes for running test suite on MySQL 5.7.
* Fix running test suite with InnoDB disabled, reported by bor.
2015-07-20 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.032)
* Full-release to include 02 and 01.
2015-06-15 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.032_02)
* Added support for utf8mb4 by Daniël van Eeden and Eric Herman (
* Added patch for connection attributes in MySQL 5.6.6+, by Daniël van Eeden
and Eric Herman (
2015-04-16 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.032_01)
* Fixed test rt88006-bit-prepare on MyISAM storage
(Reported both in RT102657 and by Scimon on github)
* Fix for "Fritz" Friedrich Haubensak (hsk AT fli-leibniz DOT de)
Vielen Danken!
* Corrected name in POD David Farrell <davidnmfarrell AT gmail DOT com>
Corrected name of in POD
2015-03-05 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.031)
* Reworked installation documentation in POD.
* Allow use of bracketed IPv6 addresses in connection string (RT70640),
fix by Tim Mullin @ cPanel).
* Locate mysql_config in path on MSWin32 (RT94838, reported by CHORNY).
* Environment variable DBD_MYSQL_CONFIG actually works now.
* Makefile.PL now correcly handles MariaDB's mysql_config.
* Correct attribution to David Dick #86030: PATCH: adding statistics_info support
* Test suite can now be run in parallel. Fixes RT98994 reported by DOHERTY.
* Fixes for MySQL 5.6+ and for prepared statement handling (stevenh on github).
* Fix for RT100792, New test t/05dbcreate.t fails if user has no permissions.
* Fix for bit test (RT68374, CaptTofu added 40bit.t to test.
2015-03-02 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.030_02)
* Reworked installation documentation in POD.
* Allow use of bracketed IPv6 addresses in connection string (RT70640),
fix by Tim Mullin @ cPanel).
* Locate mysql_config in path on MSWin32 (RT94838, reported by CHORNY).
* Environment variable DBD_MYSQL_CONFIG actually works now.
* Makefile.PL now correcly handles MariaDB's mysql_config.
2015-01-27 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.030_01)
* Correct attribution to David Dick #86030: PATCH: adding statistics_info support
* Test suite can now be run in parallel. Fixes RT98994 reported by DOHERTY.
* Fixes for MySQL 5.6+ and for prepared statement handling (stevenh on github).
* Fix for RT100792, New test t/05dbcreate.t fails if user has no permissions.
* Fix for bit test (RT68374, CaptTofu added 40bit.t to test.
2014-12-08 Patrick Galbraith (aka CaptTofu) and community (4.029)
* Added fix to tests to create test database if not exists (contstant failure on Travis) (CaptTofu)
* Support the fraction of (Oracle) MySQL Fabric that is supported by the most recent Connector/C (Steffen Mueller smueller<at>cpan<dot>org
* Statistics Info Milan ¿orm <sorm<at>is4u<dot>cz> for work on statistics_info
* Fix for RT 97625, use after free(), Reini Urban rurban<at>cpan<dot>org
2014-08-01 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.028)
* Fixed bug in mysql.xs where dbh was being used as error code
* RT #97570: fix wrong salloc free in mysql_st_internal_execute - (Reini Urban, cPanel)
* Fix RT #97625 use-after-free in mysql_dr_error, and #86153 - (Reini Urban, cPanel)
* find mysql.h for MariaDB on Win32 (Graham Ollis)
* Update to work with ipv6 and ipv4 addresses (katyavoid)
2014-03-19 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.027)
* Added more OS X notes and fixed compiler warnings
* Skip tests if test database is not present-RT92330 (zefram <zefram at fysh dot org>
* and didn't display module POD, caused by fix for RT90101. Reported by Oleg, RT92350.
2014-01-15 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.026)
* t/29warnings.t fails on MySQL Server 5.1.something - Reported by RT91202, Gisle Aas. Now is handled depending on version.
* README.pod misses proper NAME heading - RT90101 - Damyan Ivanov, Debian Perl Group
* Added fix and test for RT91715
* Added feature from Jacob Gelbman (cPanel) mysql_skip_secure_auth
2013-11-05 Patrick Galbraith, Michiel Beijen, DBI/DBD community (4.025)
* Set with parentheses and column_info - RT50304 - reported and fixed by Kevin Bosak.
* Fix method redefinition warnings in threads on Perl >= 5.16 - Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker
* use strict and warnings everywhere.
* Minimum perl version is now 5.8.1, just as for DBI.
* Improved database version check so tests run correctly on MariaDB 10.
* Fix manifest - RT89106, reported by Joe Grasse.
* set auto_increment_offset explicitly to make tests pass if they are set on server - RT83487, reported by Ian Barton.
* Assume 'localhost' when testport is set but no testhost in Makefile.PL - RT83496, reported by Philip Stoev.
* Corrected documentation for mysql_init_command option - Alexey Molchanov <>
* Skip stored procedure tests if user is unpriviliged - RT83348 - Chris Weyl <>
* Fix example in POD doc for NUM_OF_FIELDS - RT36730, reported by tapoutmma.
* Fix for memory leak (RT86153) when connecting with incorrect password
* Bail if connect fails early on (RT31823)
2013-09-17 Michiel Beijen, Patrick Galbraith, DBI/DBD community (4.024)
* Fix memory leak if mysql_server_prepare is enabled - RT76462 - Masahiro Chiba
* Small dist improvements: Michiel Beijen <>
* Undefined $DBI::errstr on execute fail on Windows: Michiel Beijen <>
* Better diagnostics for 80procs.t Fixes RT#71199: Alexandr Ciornii <>
* Fix #64013: INSTALL.pod is shown with 'man install': Juergen Weigert <>
* Added 'testport' to keys in Makefile.PL Fixes RT#83492: Michiel Beijen <>
* Fixed test 70takeimp warning. Michiel Beijen <>
* Made test t/87async.t not stop on Win32. Michiel Beijen <>
* Update github location. Update support information. Michiel Beijen <>
* POD Fixes Patch from RT77043 by Gunnar Wolf, Debian Perl Group. Michiel Beijen <>
2013-04-12 Patrick Galbraith et open source community <patg at patg dot net> (4.023)
Fix memory leak if mysql_server_prepare is enabled.
* Fix primary_key_info result ordering - - Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker
* allow compilation with msvc - - Walde Christian
* just to set MYSQL_OPT_WRITE_TIMEOUT and MYSQL_OPT_READ_TIMEOUT by dsn - - Naosuke Yokoe
* just remove unnecessary "my" - - Shoichi Kaji
* eval $ExtUtils::MakeMaker::VERSION requires for old ExtUtils::MakeMaker - - Daisuke Murase
* Updated documentation to reflect that bugs will be reported at
* Updated version
* Chased tail finding issue with -1 being converted to max unsigned int in PS mode
* Various typos and other unicode fixes dsteinbrunner <>
* Fixed permissions on files.
* Clarified documentation and bumped version for next release
2012-08-28 Patrick Galbraith et open source community <patg at patg dot net> (4.022)
* Fixes for Win32 from Rom Hoelz (
* Pulling back in work for 4.021 that didn't get pushed and much other work from Chip Salzenberg (
* Column info order fix from Tokuhiro Matsuno (
* Fix AutoCommit comparison logic to avoid spurious commands to mysql from Matthew Horsfall (
* server_preapre can't bind placeholder on comment. from Misahiro Chiba (
* server_prepare; data is null, allocate big memory bug. from Misahiro Chiba (
2012-04-15 Patrick Galbraith (work of others) <patg at patg dot net> (4.021)
* Fix to enable PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT to spee up DBD on thread Perls
(Dave Mitchell <davem at iabyn dot com>) Thank you!
* Fix to is_prefix not being exported by mysql Aran Deltax <bluefeet at gmail dot com> Thank you!
* Eliminate DBIS usage Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker <ilmari at ilmari dot org> Thank you!
* Enhanced / Fixed server side prepared statement checks (Steven Hartland) Thank you!
* Fix missprint in doc of DBD::mysql of mysql_bind_type_guessing (Perlover Thank you!
* Misprint in lib/DBD/ (Perlover) Thank you!
2011-08-15 Patrick Galbraith <patg at patg dot net> (4.020)
* Numerous (!! Thank you!!) fixes for prepared statements: Masahiro Chiba <nihen at megabbs
dot com>
- Chop blanks fixed
- UTF8 improvements
- fixed memory allocation for BLOBs
- auto-reconnect
* Fix in leak test, which failed sometime due to first assignment $prev_size over
paging (Masahiro Chiba)
* Catalog test allows use of schemas other than 'test' (Masahiro Chiba)
* Documentation fix for auto_reconnect (Karen Etheridge <ether at cpan dot
* Win32 and general installation fixes (Alexandr Ciornii,
2011-05-08 Patrick Galbraith <patg at patg dot net> Rob Hoelz <rhoelz at inoc dot com> (4.019)
* Asynchronous support added by Rob Hoelz - Thanks!
* Amiri Barksdale - Enable environment variables for installation options, add
docs to POD - Thanks!
* Pedro Melo - fix to change sv_undef to PL_sv_undef from 4.018 - Thanks!
2010-10-11 Patrick Galbraith <patg at patg dot net> (4.018)
* Added client and server info patch from Robert M. Jansen
* Added documentation and tests for new features
* More code cleanup
2010-08-11 Patrick Galbraith <patg at patg dot net> (4.017)
* BUG #60085, Andreas Koenig's patch for DBI changes
* Updated documents
2010-07-10 Patrick Galbraith <patg at patg dot net> (4.016)
* Disabled mysql_bind_type_guessing due to one performance issue
querying on an indexed character column unquoted will mean the index
is not used
* Fixed int types that should be bools
2010-07-09 Patrick Galbraith <patg at patg dot net> (4.015)
* BUG #56664 fixed t/40blobs.t skip_all logic (W. Phillip Moore)
* BUG #57253 Fixed iteration past end of string (crash). (Chris Butler)
* Added a new parameter for old behavior- mysql_bind_comment_placeholders which
will make it possible to have placeholders bound for those who really
want that behavior.
* Fixed bind_type_guessing - always on now
2010-04-14 Patrick Galbraith <patg at patg dot net> (4.014)
* BUG #30033 Fixed handling of comments to allow comments that contain characters
that might otherwise cause placeholder detection to not work properly
* BUG #53844, Fix for memory leak in stats. (Gregory Burmistrov)
* BUG #49719, Fix for handling of NULLs in prepared statements (Gert Pache)
* BUG #55627, Fix for testing failure due to strict mode (Yves)
* BUG #51784, Fix for mysqladmin on Windows in Makefile (Zeeshan Muhammad)
* BUG #41630, Typo in Makefile
* Had to define true and false in dbdimp.h. Didn't work out of the box on Linux
2009-09-16 Patrick Galbraith <patg at patg dot net> (4.013)
* #49484: PATCH add support for MYSQL_INIT_COMMAND - Peter John Edwards
* #48242: 'mysql_bind_type_guessing' doesn't work correctly
with minus sign - Thanks Serguei Trouchelle!
* #45616: t/40blobs.t cannot pass without database access -
ServerError() not declared - Thanks ysth
2009-06-18 Patrick Galbraith <patg at patg dot net> (4.012)
* Patch to bind_type_guessing from Craigslist,
Thanks to Chris! Happiness is no quoted numbers.
Fixed ChopBlanks to work with bind_type_guessing
* Patch for win32 strawberry build
Thanks to Curtis Jewell! Windows needs love
* Patch for auto-reconnect to set active flag
Thanks to Doug Fischer!
* Fixed bug 32464
Add connection flag mysql_no_autocommit_cmd which users of
MySQL Proxy can use to prevent 'set autocommit=#' from being
issued by the driver. 'perldoc DBD::mysql' to see how to use
this new flag
* Added bind-type-guessing options to Makefile.PL so the entire
test suite can be run with bind_type_guessing set.
2009-04-13 Patrick Galbraith <patg at patg dot net> (4.011)
* Renamed unsafe_bind_type_guessing, fixed some of the logic. This
can be used to deal with bug 43822
* Patch from Daniel Frett (daniel Dot frett At ccci Dot org) to fix
issue of binding sever side integer parameters (server-side prepare
statements) resulting in corrupt data, bug 42723
* Updated documentation, cruft cleanup (as always)
2008-10-24 Patrick Galbraith <patg at patg dot net> (4.010)
* Fix to dbd_bind_ph() for uninitialized value 'buffer_length'
thanks for bug report and patch from (thanks!)
2008-10-21 Patrick Galbraith <patg at patg dot net> (4.009)
* Fix to re-enable TAKE_IMP_DATA_VERSION. Still have to ensure DBI version 1.607 or higher
* Fix to escaped single quotes throwing off bind param detection. Patch from Zhurs ( Spasibo!
2008-8-15 Patrick Galbraith <patg at patg dot net> (4.008)
* Multi statement patch, thanks to Chris Heath!
* Disabled TAKE_IMP_DATA_VERSION because segfault with DBI < 1.607
* #29528: bind_param(..., SQL_FLOAT) ignores exponents - fixed, Thanks to
Tokuhiro Matsuno!
* Cleanups to make mysqlEmb work under Cygwin - Thanks to Chris Rodgers
<> !
* Modified and disabled tests for MySQL version < 4.1 for unsupported features
2008-5-11 Patrick Galbraith <patg at patg dot net> (4.007)
* Took out mysql_server_init call where not needed
* Complete re-write of test suit to use Test::More - tons of cleanups!
* Makefile.PL changes to use current user in 'make test' if not defined
2007-12-26 Patrick Galbraith <patg at patg dot net> (4.006)
* Cleanups on OS X compile
* Fixes to syntax errors on AIX
* Removed test code that was leaving trace files around
2007-3-22 Patrick Galbraith <patg at patg dot net> (4.005)
* Fixed mysql_warning issue < 4.1 (reminers, patches, help from ROAM, (issue 25713)
* makerealclean patch from ROAM (issue #25714)
* sqlstate cleanup patch from ROAM
* Replaced all references to dbis to use imp_xxh per DBI best practices
* Fix to dbd_st_destroy - added back previously removed 'free everything' code which
had been moved to dbd_st_finish, causing a crash upon freeing of bind values
after all rows resulting from one execution of a query have been fetched. This meant
that next attempt to execute the prepared statement would segfault. This
work thanks to Rainer Weikusat!
* Removed all 'FindNewTable' calls in all tests. Just use 't1' for all tests to
simplify things. Plus, this is how MySQL internall tests.
* Better 'skip test' logic in some tests that were still running when they shouldn't
have been.
2007-3-22 Patrick Galbraith <patg at patg dot net> Jim Winstead <> (4.004)
* Work around a bug in old 3.23 servers by specifying NOT NULL for fields used
as a primary key in tests. (Bug #20325, reported by Julian Ladisch)
* Add support for mysql_warning_count statement handle attribute. (Bug #25457,
patch from Philip Stoev)
* Add support for mysql_multi_statements connection option. (RT #12322, based
on patch from Doug Morris)
* Had to bump to 4.003 do to print statement in that made it
into the dist. Even though you can delete a file on CPAN, you cannot
re-upload it if it's the same name. Mea Culpa.
* UTF8-Flag not set with flag mysql_enable_utf8 and column collation utf8_bin patch,
Joost Diepenmaat, (RT #24738)
* Fixed do_error definition (Scott Hildreth, Tim Bunce)
* Conversion of test suite to Test::More
2007-3-5 Patrick Galbraith <patg at patg dot net> Jim Winstead <> (4.003)
* Fix inclusion of non-primary keys in primary_key_info. (Bug #26786,
reported and patch by Dave Rolsky)
2007-3-1 Patrick Galbraith <patg at patg dot net> Jim Winstead <> (4.002)
* Fix re-exec of Makefile.PL when forcing $ENV{LANG} to 'C'. (RT #25233,
reported by Slaven Rezic)
* Rewrote table_info method to support all arguments (previously it would
only ever return all of the tables in the current database, no matter what
was specified)
* Fixed $DBD::mysql::VERSION to be a string instead of a float, which caused
problems for certain locales
* Fixed bug #23974. $dbh->column_info now returns handle with no rows upon
table not existing. Much thanks to Tim Bunce for help fixing the problem
in vs. dbdimp.c
* Removed #ifdefs for do error (sqlstate being passed as last arg depending on
* Fixed insertid test to work with auto_increment_increment replication setup.
* Patch from Tim Bunce fixing do() not set $dbh->{Statement} attribute,
which prevented DBD::Profile from giving correct results for calls to do()
and causing ShowErrorStatement to possibly report the wrong statement in the
error message
* Patch from Tim Bunce clearing out the sth attribute cache when switching
between result, sets which prevented the adjustedment of NUM_OF_FIELDS
* Cleanup of several unused variables
* Added support for wildcards in last argument of column_info().
* Add mysql_is_auto_increment to results of column_info(). (Bug #26603,
original patch from Dave Rolsky)
* Return the correct table type for both tables and views from the table_info()
method. (Bug #26603, original patch from Dave Rolsky)
* Add implementation of foreign_key_info() (Bug #26604, original patch from
Dave Rolsky, and final implementation based on Connector/J code)
2007-1-8 Jim Winstead <> Patrick Galbraith <patg at patg dot net> (4.001)
* Fix handling of unsigned integer values in result sets when using
server-side prepared statements (they were not retrieved at all).
* Fix handling of signed integer values when using server-side prepared
statements (they were being forced to unsigned values).
* Do not tell Perl that the contents of binary fields are UTF-8.
[ #22123], original patch by Joost Diepenmaat
* Fix double-free of bound parameters when freeing statements. (Bug #20559)
* Make sure to handle "magical" values in a couple of places. (Bug #20104)
* Update the hints about what to do when zlib is found missing while
linking. (Bug #13803, reported by Philip Stoev)
* Explicitly initialize the MySQL client library to avoid possible race
conditions in a multithreaded application. (Bug #21792)
* Fix warning when no connection attributes are passed to the connect
method (Bug #17323, reported by Phil Randal)
* Removed redundant warnings when commit or rollback is called while
AutoCommit is enabled. [ #15802], reported by Tyler MacDonald
* Report correct type for decimal columns from MySQL 5.0 and later
[ #18294], reported by Ray Zimmerman
* Fix t/40bindparam.t to work when ANSI_QUOTES SQL_MODE is set.
[ #21521], reported by David Wheeler
* Return a statement handle with an error when column_info is called on
a table that does not exist. (Bug #23974, patch by Philip Stoev)
* Fix handling of table names with characters that did not match /\w/ in
the column_info method. (Bug #22005, reported by Philip Stoev)
* Fix handling of negative integers bound to a column marked as SQL_INTEGER.
[ #18976], patch from Mike Schilli.
* Add support for the primary_key_info method. [ #8541]
* Fixed Bundle::DBD::mysql to only include modules required for using
DBD::mysql, not the old Mysql package. [ #24096]
* Updated Makefile.PL to not include files in .svn directories
* Fixed various compile warnings in mysql.xs (ISO C)
* Cleaned up stored procedure examples, made strict
* Fixed bug that blew away subsequent result sets if you fetched all rows, only in
result sets that had more than one row
* Added test for bug #14979, which still
* Tested with ALL mysql versions, fixed 40types, 40bind_param tests to work with 4.0, 4.1
* Fixed dbdimp.c to not test for MYSQL_DATA_TRUNCATED unless >= mysql 5.0
2006-12-22 Patrick Galbraith <patg at patg dot net>, Alexey Stroganov (4.00)
* Added Alexey Stroganov's patch which fixes varying number of columns in
multiple result sets. Added new test cases to 80procs.t based of his
test script (bug #21028) (Thanks Alexey!). Also fixed 80procs.t to allow
'CALL' to be prepared
* Added Philip Stoev's patch for DATA_TYPE date and time columns (bug #23988)
(Thanks Philip!)
* Reworked (for working with 4.0, which doesn't support sqlstate) Philip Stoev's
patch for sqlstate, bug #23935 (Thanks Philip!)
* New Versioning! 4.00 now. This dev tree will now become trunk
* Cleaned up much code that failed between versions (!!!)
* Turned off prepared statements by default
* Tested this with 5.1, 5.0, 4.1, 4.0. Works with ALL these versions!
2006-10-10 Patrick Galbraith <patg at patg dot net>, Alexey Stroganov (3.0009_1)
* Added fbind and bind alloc to dbd_st_describe. This was causing a crash
when using with mod_perl
2006-10-10 Patrick Galbraith <patg at patg dot net> (3.0008_1)
* Added patch for SSL Verify Certificate (Thanks Eric Chen!)
* Added multiple fixes to dbd_st_prepare which fixed variable overwrite
and unset increment counter. Also improved loop which checks statements
for presence of "LIMIT" by using a pointer as opposed to char array
increment variable. These errors were showing up in OpenBSD and other
Unixen (which I think all BSD-based) (Thanks to Kyle George!)
* Added fix to Makefile.PL to obtain correct build flags on VMS
(Thanks to Eric Milkie!)
* Fixed casting of num_params to unsigned int in calls to NewZ in mysql.xs
2006-10-07 Patrick Galbraith <patg at patg dot net>, Jim Winstead <>
* Added UTF8 patch from Dominic Mitchell (Thanks!)
* Fixed declaration of "row" in mysql_st_internal_execute which caused compile
errors on some platforms
* Fix documentation for _ListDBs to remove incorrect information about
limitations of data_sources(). (RT #20843, patch by Ann Barcomb)
* Fix typo in example (missing quote). (RT #15086)
* Mention in POD that 'localhost' always means to connect via UNIX socket,
and must be used for TCP/IP to localhost (RT #14942, reported by
Alessandro Ranellucci)
* Fix typos in Makefile.PL (RT#16178, reported by Gavin Shelley)
2006-09-08 Jim Winstead <>, Patrick Galbraith <>
(3.0007_1) (3.0006/3.0006_1 is the same as 3.0005/3.0005_1)
* Make sure to call dbd_st_finish when all rows from a statement handle
have been fetched. (Bug #20153, Bug #21607, RT #20464, RT #21241)
* Patch from Steve Hay to fix bind_param to deal properly with insertion
of a NULL into an INT or DOUBLE column using server-side prepare.
Converted Steve's script to expose this problem to 40bindparam2
* Fix to mysql_st_internal_execute to keep from passing undefined dbh
handle member (bind_type_guessing) to parse_param causing crash on
OpenBSD. Reported on (#20868) by Kyle Georg, as well as
info from Sam Smith and Federico Giannici
* Cleaned up tests to make sure test table is dropped at end of test.
2006-06-10 Patrick Galbraith < (3.0005)
* Fix dbd_st_finish in 3.0004 didn't clean up bind buffers resulting in
a memory leak. See eg/ to see how this manifests
itself. Thanks to Jason Snell for giving me a good script to reproduce
* Fix to parse_params, mysql.xs dbh->do, and bind_param to deal with
passing substr to "do" for placeholder value. Thanks Martin Waite for
the patch to parse_params (extended to mysql.xs "do" and bind_param for
server-side prepared statements.
2006-05-17 Patrick Galbraith < (3.0004_1)
* Fix dbd_st_finish which closed the handle prematurely (Martin Evans)
* Compile issues (Martin Evans)
* Small change to get utf8 data returned. One still has to:
$dbh->do("set character set utf8");
$dbh->do("set names utf8");
to get utf8 back and even then you only get it back if the
column is defined as utf8 in mysql.
* Fix to dbd_bind_ph to deal with numbers (ints, floats) correctly
(Alexey Stroganov)
* Test changes - bind_param 41 and 42
* Turned off 70takeimp test
2006-04-29 Patrick Galbraith < (3.0003_1)
* Removed old Msql-Mysql Driver emulation code - finally!!!
* Removed aweful string testing code (that I wrote) for unsported
statements and now use mysql_stmt_prepare, if statement not
supported, toggle to mysql_emulated_prepare
* Fixed bug where failed stmt execution caused later statements
to fail with mysql_stmt_reset
* Added tests for unsupported statements
* Added test for test of failed statement with subsequent executes
(thanks to Martin Evans!)
* Added typo fix (Martin Evans)
* Added support for ParamValues and associated test (Martin Evans)
* Removed old emulated driver tests (HOORAY!)
* Cleaned up debug printing code
* Fixed syntax for create table ENGINE=InnoDB instead of type=innobase
* Cleaned up tests
2006-01-31 Patrick Galbraith <> (3.0002_5)
* Fixed bugs 15546 (selectcol_arrayref failing on SHOW TABLES)
and 15665, 'USE dbname' failing when driver is not in emulated
prepare mode
2005-10-26 Patrick Galbraith <> (3.0002_4)
* Added Guy Harrison's patch for multiple result sets
* Fixed bugs with declarations in middle of functions
* Cleaned up code, rewrote several loops using pointers
instead of iterators
* Rewrote 'SHOW', 'ALTER', 'CALL', 'CREATE' toggling code that turns
off server prepared statements (these calls are not supported)
* Updated documentation
2005-09-28 Patrick Galbraith <> (3.0002_3)
* Added code to mysql_st_internal_execute that determines whether the
SV *h is a sth or dbh, and then imports imp_dbh appropriately
2005-09-26 Patrick Galbraith <> (3.0002_2)
* Fixed bug in dbd_st_execute where imp_sth was being
imported unecessarily, when only imp_dbh is needed. This caused a
core dump in some cases. Thanks to Andy Maas at Proofpoint for his
execellent detective work!
* Small changes to Makefile.PL to make sure --ps-protocol works as
* Updated install.html with current info about prepared statements and FC
RPM/YUM packages.
2005-08-04 Patrick Galbraith <> (3.0002_1)
* Prepared statement support is default now. To turn it off
a parameter 'mysql_emulated_prepare' must be turned ON
* Better error handling in mysql_internal_execute_ps (renamed
from mysql_internal_execute41). Also free the result if error -
that could have been a memory bug
* Added a simply 'do' to t/35prepare.test to see if you can turn
off prepared statements in the 'do' call.
* Cleaned up a LOT of cruft. Added more 'caveat' blurbage to old lib, which will not work with prepared statements
2005-07-06 Parick Galbraith <> (3.0001_3)
* Fix to ensure MYSQL_BIND is only defined when mysql
client version is >= 4.1.3. Thanks to Tom Parkison
2005-07-06 Patrick Galbraith <> (3.0001_2)
* Fixed runtime bug (when inserting or updating quotes or double quotes)
(Thanks to Brad Choate, Six Apart Ltd.)
2005-07-04 Patrick Galbraith <> (3.0001_1)
* Changed uint argument in safe_sv_fetch to int due to
uint not being available on windows unless you include
my_globals.h in dbdimp.h, which also breaks on unixen!
* Removed // comments from mysql.xs (thanks Bodo Bergman!)
2005-07-03 Patrick Galbraith <> (3.0000_0)
* Special Thanks to Steve Hay for his patch to fix windows
* Fixed Makefile.PM for windows compiles
* Removed long long type from dbdimp.h
* Changed strncasecmp to strncmp (still need a better long-term solution)
in dbdimp.c
* Modified Makefile.PM to make prepared statements on by default
2005-04-26 Patrick Galbraith <> (2.9015_3)
* Added patch from Stas Beckman for new DBI feature take_imp_data, needed
for DBI::Pool
* Fix to for old API call for numfields that caused
warnings on 40numrows and akmisc tests
* Fix to bind_ph to throw an error if trying to bind a non-numeric
value as numeric
* Better fix for dealing with error condition in $sth->rows()
* Fix to bind_param to throw error when trying to bind a non-numeric as
2005-04-04 Patrick Galbraith <> (2.9015_2)
* Merged all code changes from 2.900x tree from the last 9
- unsafe bind type guessing patch from Dragonchild
- Removed mysql.mtest
- Fixed sth->rows to return my_ulongloong and also handle
error from client API
- Fix to make autocommit work was already part of this version
- Auto-reconnect bug fixed in 2.9006 included
* Added simple test to 35limit test to check if using malicious code in
LIMIT ?, ? placeholders works, which it doesn't.
* Fix that sets mysql_server_prepare to 0 if SQL statement is 'SHOW ...'
which is not supported by prepared statement API currently
2004-10-28 Rudolf Lippan <> (2.9015_1)
* Merged Makefile.PL from 2.9005_3
* Bumped version number to 2.9015 for release of Dev Branch. Which
will become 2.9020 when tested and merged into HEAD.
* fixed typo/compiler warning in bind_param_guessing
'*testchar' should have been 'testchar'.
2004-10-20 Patrick Galbraith (Dev-2_9 - 2.9005)
* merged changes from 2.9005_1
* fix to blob in dbd_st_fetch (Alexey Stroganov
In case of BLOB/TEXT fields we allocate only 8192 bytes in dbd_describe()
for data. Here we know real size of field so we should increase buffer
size and refetch column value
2004-07-25 Patrick Galbraith (2.9004)
* Prepared statement support
* Use of mysql_stmt_* API (>= 4.1.3)
* mysql_shutdown fix
* MySQL Embedded Server support (Alexey Stroganov)
* Fixed link failure on MacOSX
* Cleaned up tests
* Fixed various compile warnings
2003-10-26 Rudy Lippan <> (2.9003)
* Applied patch from Aaron and Chuck that added basic testing of the
table_info/column_info functions [Aaron Ross <>]
* Applied patch removing Jochen Wiedmann's contanct information and
also removing the restriction on CD ROM distribution.
[Jochen Wiedmen <>]
* The check for the innodb table type was broken so the transaction
tests were skipped even though the database supported transactions.
* :sql_types were not being inported in column info, so SQL_VARCAR was
thowing an error. Also, the :sql_types were not being pulled into
DBD::mysq::db package
* Patch for dbdadmin.t so that it respects username and password
[Alexey Stroganov <>]
* Fix for memory leak in bind_param() introduced in 2.9002
(2.9002 changed bind_param so that changing the value of a scalar
after binding would not affect what was passed to execute eg:
$foo = 'bar'
$sth->execute() -- $foo would contain 'bar')
[reported by <>]
* don't define dbd_discon_all so that mysql uses DBI's This fixes a
bug whereby DBD::mysql was dropping perl's destruct level.
* patch to myld so that it uses strict and fixes scoping problem
with $contents [Jochen Wiedmann <>]
* Modified Makefile.PL so that it gives a usage message
if any unknown options are passed in.
* patch to INSTALL.pod on how to link DBD::mysql against
a static libmysqlclient [Jochen Wiedmann <>]
2003-06-22 Rudy Lippan <> (2.9002)
* moved pod into from mysql.pod
* Changed the default behaviour of mysql_found_rows, so now
'UPDATE table set field=?' will return the number of rows matched
and not the number of rows physically changed. You can get the old
behaviour back by adding "mysql_found_rows=0" to the dsn passed
to connect.
* Updated type_info_all() to be more inline with
what DBD::ODBC returns.
* Added attribute 'mysql_auto_reconnect' that allows the auto reconnect
behaviour to be toggled. :
** NOTE** The behaviour of auto reconnect has changed. If
either the MOD_PERL or the GATEWAY_INTERFACE environment variable is
set, auto_reconnect will default to ON; otherwise auto_reconnect
will default to off. Earlier versions of this driver would always
try to reconnect to the database on error; however, this is dangerous
because table locks could be lost without the application knowing.
* Fixed a segfault with failed reconnects that were trapped in an
eval. The next tine DBD::mysql tried to reconnect, the process
would segfault.
* Added statistics attribute, 'mysql_dbd_stats' which returns
a hash ref that contains 2 keys 'auto_reconnects_ok' and
* Fixed bug where strings that were used in numeric
context were not getting quoted on execute(). Now all
parameters are bound as varchar by default.
**NOTE** this is a change in behaviour that MAY cause problems
with some SQL statements. If quoted integers, for example,
cause any problems, use bind_param(<column_id>, undef, SQL_INTEGER)
to force a column to be bound as an integer.
* Added get_info() method. See 'perldoc DBI' for more info
* Added column_info(). See 'perldoc DBI' for more info [Tim Bunce]
2003-03-03 Jochen Wiedmann <> (2.1026)
* Fixed the handling of case insensitive file
names. Jan Dubois, <>
* lib/ (listdbs): Added support for user
name and password.
2003-01-21 Jochen Wiedmann <> (2.1025)
* lib/DBD/ added support for optional
DBI->data_sources() \%attributes parameter.
Georg Rehfeld, <>
* lib/DBD/mysql.pod: documented optional
DBI->data_sources() \%attributes parameter.
Georg Rehfeld, <>
* t/dbdadmin.t: changed to use optional
DBI->data_sources() \%attributes parameter.
Georg Rehfeld, <>
2003-01-20 Jochen Wiedmann <> (2.1024)
* dbdimp.c: Fixed missing support for double quotes
in ParseParam.
* Test suite: Multiple patches for Windows/CygWin (case
insensitive file names and the like). Georg Rehfeld,
* lib/DBD/mysql/INSTALL.pod: Added description on how
to install with Windows/CygWin. Georg Rehfeld,
2003-01-18 Jochen Wiedmann <> (2.1023)
* Remove compiler warnings
Fix some small issues to get it to work with MySQL 4.1
(Mostly checking return values from MySQL API functions)
Michael Widenius <> (2.1022a)
2003-01-03 Jochen Wiedmann <> (2.1022)
* Added hints to Randy Kobes PPM repository, because
DBD::mysql is currently missing in ActiveState's
2002-11-18 Jochen Wiedmann <> (2.1021)
* lib/ (errno): Added handling for non-ref
arguments. Raphael Hertzog <>
2002-09-23 Jochen Wiedmann <> (2.1020)
* Added mysql_local_infile option. (Paul DuBois,
2002-09-16 Jochen Wiedmann <> (2.1019)
* Added hints to installing DBD::mysql with PPM 3.
(Stefan Prehn,
* Added $DBD::mysql::CLONE
2002-08-12 Jochen Wiedmann <> (0.2018)
* t/dbdadmin.t: The call to func('createdb') was
missing user name and password. Wolfgang Friebel
* mysql.xs: If the connect in func('...', 'admin')
failed, a core dump was triggered. Wolfgang
Friebel <>
2002-05-02 Jochen Wiedmann <> (0.2017)
* dbdimp.c: Added a required check for mysql_errno.
Steve Hay <>
2002-05-01 Jochen Wiedmann <> (0.2016)
* dbdimp.c: Removed use of mysql_eof. Jay
Lawrence <>
2002-04-30 Jochen Wiedmann <> (0.2015)
* Makefile.PL: Removed dbimon and pmysql from
the EXE_FILES list. Andreas Koenig
2002-04-17 Jochen Wiedmann <> (2.1014)
* dbdimp.c: Fixed mysql_is_auto_increment.
Paul Walmsley <> and
Paul Dubois <>
2002-04-12 Jochen Wiedmann <> (2.1013)
* dbdimp.c: Added use of mysql_ssl_set.
Chris Hanes <>
2002-04-12 Jochen Wiedmann <> (2.1012)
* Some fixes in the docs. Paul Dubois <>
* Added mysql_is_auto_increment. (Someone else, but forgot
his email, sorry!)
2002-02-12 Jochen Wiedmann <> (2.1011)
* Makefile.PL: DBI::DBD is no longer loaded by
default, to allow CPAN's requirements detection
note and install a missing DBI.
2001-12-28 Jochen Wiedmann <> (2.1010)
* Bumped version number in Mysql/ to
1.24, so that it is always higher than that
from the Msql-Mysql-modules.
2001-12-28 Jochen Wiedmann <> (2.1008)
* lib/DBD/mysql.pod: Fixed minor bug in an example.
2001-12-27 Jochen Wiedmann <> (2.1007)
* Bumped version number in to 1.24, so that
it is always higher than that from the Msql-Mysql-
2001-12-27 Jochen Wiedmann <> (2.1006)
* Within AutoCommit mode, reconnect is now turned
off, because the transaction state is unpredictable
2001-12-13 Jochen Wiedmann <> (2.1005)
* dbdimp.c: Added use of SvMAGICAL to dbd_db_quote.
Rudy Lippan <>
2001-11-13 Jochen Wiedmann <> (2.1004)
* Makefile.PL: Fixed handling of --testdb, --testuser, ...
2001-11-05 Jochen Wiedmann <> (2.1003)
* bind_param now using mysql_real_escape_string
as well. Dave Rolsky <>
2001-11-04 Jochen Wiedmann <> (2.1002)
* Added mysql_ssl flag to DBI->connect.
2001-11-04 Jochen Wiedmann <> (2.1001)
* Quoting now based on mysql_real_escape_string. Thanks
to Dave Rolsky <> for suggesting this.
2001-11-02 Jochen Wiedmann <> (2.1000)
* Portability changes for MySQL 4.
2001-05-25 Jochen Wiedmann <> (2.0901)
* dbdimp.c: Fixed $dbh->{mysql_insertid}; added t/insertid.t
2001-04-01 Jochen Wiedmann <> (2.0900)
* Added transaction support for MySQL.
(Bob Lyons <>)
* dbd/dbdimp.c: Fixed MAXLENGTH warning; used to hint for
a not existing mysql_maxlength, which should read
mysql_max_length. (Paul DuBois <>)
* Fixed installation problem when a directory was specified,
but did not exist. (Will Partain <>)
* Fixed that mysql_errno wasn't used properly. (Chris Adams
* Fixed test suite problem, when user name and password
have been interpolated. (Bruno Hivert (LMC)
* mysql_insertid and mysql_affectedrows are no longer treated
as integers, but longs. Thanks to Michael G Schwern
2000-08-20 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.2215)
* lib/DBD/mysql/ (Initialize): Adding -lz -lgz by
default now.
* dbd/ Minor doc change.
2000-05-10 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.2214)
* dbd/dbdimp.c: Fixed bug that timestamp fields weren't quoted.
Chris Winters <>
2000-04-26 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.2213)
* dbd/ Fixed tags in pod.
2000-04-15 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.2212)
* Makefile.PL: Fixed use of builder-provided passwords.
Buck Huppmann <>
* Makefile.PL: Fixed WIN32 installation.
2000-04-03 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.2211)
* Fixed $dbh->{Name} (David Jacobs <>)
1999-11-30 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.2210)
* Makefile.PL (SelectDrivers): Hopefully ensured that a README is
always created successfully.
* Makefile.PL: Fixed docs of --mysql-install etc. (
1999-10-13 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.2209)
* Fixed bug in $dbh->tables(): Didnt't work with
empty databases.
1999-09-17 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.2208)
* dbd/bindparam.h: Added support for MySQL's double
quotes. (Although I don't like it. :-)
* dbd/ Fixed a lot of docs for deprecated
features in favour of current.
* Makefile.PL: Fixed use of -e (should be exists). (Thomas Schultheis)
* MONEY seems to be a numeric type with mSQL.
Ernst Paalvast <>
1999-09-15 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.2207)
* dbd/dbdimp.c: Added mysql_connect_timeout.
Matthias Urlichs (<>)
1999-08-29 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.2206)
* dbd/ Fixed a bug in tab completion. (FieldList was
used in scalar context). Thanks to "Scott R. Every" <>
* lib/DBD/mysql/ (Initialize): Now checking for MySQL
version 3.22 or later.
1999-08-22 Jochen Wiedmann <>
* lib/DBD/mysql/ (Initialize): Added sco\d+* to the list
of SCO-like operating systems. Thanks to Jukka Inkeri
1999-08-22 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.2203)
* dbd/ Fixed a memory leak in $dbh->quote().
Arun Bhalla <>
1999-07-22 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.2202)
* dbd/ The hint for experimental software is now
enabled or disabled automatically, thanks to ExtUtils::PerlPP.
* dbd/dbdimp.c: Changed fprintf to PerlIO_printf, required by
DBI 1.14.
* nodbd/ (quote): Changed ~DBD_DRIVER~ to
~~dbd_driver~~, thanks to Maurice Aubrey <>.
1999-07-08 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.2201)
* lib/DBD/mSQL/ (Initialize): Fixed an ugly bug, that
caused unusable files.
1999-03-09 Jochen Wiedmann <>
* lib/DBD/mysql/ (CheckForLibGcc): No longer linking
against libgcc.a with OpenBSD.
* nodbd/ (selectdb): Calling selectdb twice triggered
a warning. (Nick Hibma <>)
* dbd/dbdimp.c: Date and time types now have literal_prefix and
suffix set to "'".
1999-01-25 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.21_15)
* dbd/myMsql.h: mSQL 2.0.6 requires including common/
* dbd/dbdimp.c: Fixed some instances of ~var~ to ~~var~~.
* Makefile.PL: Added PREREQ_PM to WriteMakefile options.
* Renamed Bundle::M(y)sql to Bundle::DBD::mysql and
1999-01-05 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.21_13)
* nodbd/ (query): Now setting $db_errstr
(Andreas König,
* dbd/dbdimp.c (dbd_db_quote): Giving up to use "NULL" as a
static string. :-( My thanks to David Foo (
and Christian Schwarz ( for convincing
* nodbd/ (listdbs): Now setting $db_errstr.
1998-12-30 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.21_12)
* dbd/ (prepare): Fixed missing attribs argument.
Thanks to Peter Ludemann (
* dbd/dbdimp.c: Portability fixes for Perl 5.005_54.
1998-12-29 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.21_11)
* Makefile.PL: .pm files are no longer removed, because
they are missing in MANIFEST otherwise.
1998-12-22 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.21_09)
* INSTALL: Updated the WIN32 INSTALLATION section.
* nodbd/ (fetchrow): Enhanced compatibility to
previous Msql versions by returning the first column now in
scalar context. (Andreas König,
* Makefile.PL (Init): Default of installing Msql, Mysql and Msql1
is now "no", unless you already have the Mysql emulation layer
* Makefile.PL: Added --config option.
1998-11-20 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.21_08)
* lib/DBD/mysql/ (Initialize): Added -lc on Unixware;
thanks to Orion Poplawski <>.
* lib/DBD/mysql/ (Initialize): Added -lzlib on Win32.
* dbd/ (connect): Added $dbh->{'Name'}.
* t/dbdadmin.t: Forgot to change _DropDB to func("dropdb",
..., "admin). My thanks to
* Some patches for compatibility with ActiveState Perl.
1998-11-08 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.21_07)
* _ListTables is now obsolete.
* _InsertID, affected_rows, IS_PRI_KEY, is_pri_key, IS_NOT_NULL,
is_not_null, IS_KEY, is_key, IS_BLOB, is_blob, IS_NUM, is_num,
RESULT, result, TABLE, table, format_max_size, format_default_size
and format_type_name are now deprecated.
* _CreateDB, _DropDB, _ListFields, _ListSelectedFields and
_NumRows have been removed.
* dbd/ $dbh->func('_ListDBs') was closing the socket.
Thanks to Lars Kellogg-Stedman <>.
* dbd/ $drh->func('_ListDBs' was documented wrong.
Thanks to Lars Kellogg-Stedman <>.
1998-11-06 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.21_06)
* dbd/dbdimp.c: Changed isspace(c) to c == ' ' in ChopBlanks
* dbd/dbdimp.c: Added $dbh->{'mysql_read_default_file'} and
* dbd/dbdimp.c: Added $dbh->{'mysql_insertid'}.
1998-10-23 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.21_05)
* dbd/ Fixed bug in $dbh->quote($n, SQL_INTEGER).
* Makefile.PL (CheckForLibGcc()): Disabled linking against
libgcc.a under NetBSD. (Curt Sampson,
* Forgot to remove the warning for experimental software.
* Added Monty's patches for use of mysqlclients.
* dbd/dbdimp.c: Added msql_configfile.
* Makefile.PL: Added option -static.
1998-10-06 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.21_04)
* INSTALL: Added hints for Win32 installation.
* lib/DBD/mysql/ Added portability fixes for Win32
installation with MyODBC. This is now the recommended way of
installing DBD::mysql under Win32.
1998-09-27 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.21_02)
* INSTALL: Added a hint for Remote_Access in msql.conf
* nodbd/ (quote): Made quote a class method; Andreas
König <>.
* dbd/myMsql.h (MyReconnect): Fixed $dbh->ping() for MySQL.
My thanks to Nikki Chumakov (
* dbd/ Added dump mode.
* dbd/ TableList now based on $dbh->tables(), thus
* dbd/ Shell completion with TableList case independent.
* tests/60leaks.t: No longer calling exit() within BEGIN.
(Workaround for a bug within Perl 5.00404)
* tests/ak-dbd.t: Removed "local $sth->{PrintError} = 0"; yet
another workaround.
1998-07-28 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.21_00)
* INSTALL: Added a description of the missing-libgcc problem.
* INSTALL: Added a patch for the mSQL problem with ORDER BY.
* dbd/ Added a description of mSQL's problem with
* Fixed pointers to DBI home (was, now
* lib/DBD/mysql/ (Initialize): Added
* dbd/dbdimp.c: mysql_fetch_lengths() returns longs under
MySQL 3.22.04
* nodbd/ (errno): Fixed missing definition of
* Makefile.PL (InitializeMysql): Looking for libmysqlclient.a
and now.
* dbd/dbdimp.c (dbd_st_internal_execute): Fixed memory leak,
*cdaPtr was not checked for <> NULL. My thanks to Marc
Lehmann <> for the report.
* dbd/ Added table_info().
1998-07-16 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.19_22)
* dbd/dbdimp.c: Added dTHR to some more functions for 5.005
compatibility. Thanks to Chris Leach
* nodbd/ Changed length to CORE::length in
some cases to prevent 5.005 warnings.
* Added a section on multithreading to the manual.
1998-07-07 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.19_21)
* nodbd/ (query): Fixed a missing "bless($sth, ...)".
My thanks to Ray Zimmermann <>. (Gives me
a familiar feeling to always meet the same people ... :-)
1998-07-06 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.19_20)
* Makefile.lib (InitializeMsql): Added /usr to the search path
for mSQL headers and libraries.
* tests/msql1.t (unctrl): Renamed "character" column to
"chrctr". ("character" is not a valid column name under
* dbd/ (DBD::mysql::ping): Now using mysql_ping().
* dbd/dbdimp.c (_MyLogin): Added mysql_compression.
1998-06-25 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.19_19)
* dbd/dbdimp.c: Added $sth->{mysql_type} and
$sth->{msql_type}, which are in fact just what
$sth->{TYPE} used to be. $sth->{TYPE} is now
returning portable SQL types.
* MANIFEST: Removed nodbd/
* Makefile.PL: Made test databases configurable.
1998-06-14 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.19_18)
* Makefile.PL: dbdadmin.t was missing in the list of tests
* nodbd/ (query): Now really returning undef in
case of errors. (Possible Perl bug?)
* Makefile.PL: Fixed realclean attribute of WriteMakefile.
* Makefile.PL (Init): Setting $Data::Dumper::Indent to 1.
* Makefile.PL (InitializeMsql): Fixed query for mSQL, if
only one version gets installed.
* dbd/dbdimp.c: Now calling mysql_init before mysql_connect.
* dbd/dbdimp.c: For whatever reason, MyGetProtoInfo was
treated like returning a char* under Mysql.
1998-05-16 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.19_17)
* Makefile.PL: Fixed typo in InitializeMsql (dbiDriver = mSQL1).
* dbd/dbdimp.c: mysql_real_connect is now using a dbname
1998-05-07 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.19_16)
* dbd/dbdimp.c: ChopBlanks no longer chops from the left side.
* dbd/dbdimp.c: Fixed memory leak in dbd_st_FETCH_internal.
1998-04-13 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.19_15)
* Added the DBD::mSQL1 and Msql1 drivers.
* Fixed minor icompatibilities with perl 5.005.
* nodbd/ (errmsg): Msql->errmsg() should
now recognize error messages in $DBI::errstr (hopefully ...)
1998-04-03 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.19_13)
* dbd/dbdimp.c: msqlGetProtoInfo returns an int, not a
char* (Erik Bertelsen,
* dbd/dbdimp.c: Fixed typo in _MyLogin: User was set to
NULL when password had zero length. (Erik Bertelsen,
* dbd/dbdimp.c: One more time fixing reconnect problems with Mysql
and old client libraries (without mysql_real_connect it's just too
ugly! :-(
1998-03-15 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.19_11)
* Makefile.PL: Fixed Bugs in _OdbcParse and version numbers.
* dbd/ Fixed bugs in export mode (Nem W. Schlecht
1998-02-26 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.19_10)
* M(y)sqlPerl now emulated by DBI drivers.
* dbd/dbdimp.c: Added $dbh->{'info'} and $dbh->{'thread_id'}
(mysql only)
* dbd/ Fixed minor bug in "rel db test"
* dbd/ (Connect): Added noecho mode for entering
* dbd/myMsql.c: Fixed bugs in OdbcParse.
1998-02-06 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.19_03)
* dbd/ Fixed $dbh->quote(undef) to return "NULL"
and not 'undef'.
* Requires DBI 0.93. (I assume it still works with 0.91, but
whoever reinstalls Msql-Mysql-modules can well reinstall
* dbd/dbdimp.c: $sth->fetch* now inactivates the sth in case
of errors or no more data; this follows the specification of
the 'Active' attribute.
* Added a missing DROP TABLE in ak-dbd.t.
* Added ODBC style DSN's like DBI:mysql:database=test;host=localhost.
1998-01-20 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.19_02)
* dbd/ (quote): Fixed "int len" to "STRLEN len"; the
Irix compiler refuses to compile this. (A little bit picky,
a warning would really be sufficient here ...) My thanks to
Simon Matthews <>.
* Added "LISTINDEX" handling.
* Makefile.lib: Now always linking against libgcc.a when using gcc
and compiling for MySQL.
* tests/mysql.dbtest: Now using "IS NULL" in SQL queries instead
of "= NULL". (Required as of mysql 3.21.22)
1998-01-18 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.19_01)
* README: Added hint for not using msqlperl mailing lists
except for MsqlPerl and MysqlPerl related things.
* Makefile.lib: Modified version number to contain underscores,
so that CPAN considers 1.18xx as the correct version.
* dbd/ Leaving pager mode worked unreliable; fixed.
Andreas Koenig <>
* tests/akmisc.t, tests/mysql.t, tests/mysql2.t: Minor modifications
in the connect parameters for passing the test suite under
1998-01-07 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.1900)
* dbd/ Implemented $dbh->quote() in XS.
* dbd/ Added '_Admin' function.
* dbd/, dbd/dbdimp.c: Added automatic reconnect when
mysql returns CR_SERVER_GONE_ERROR.
* Makefile.lib (InitializeMysql): Modified order of -I statements
(Inside MySQL distribution it can happen that headers of recently
installed DBI versions are used instead of the correct headers.)
* nodbd/, nodbd/typemap: Suppressed warning for
undef'd argument in connect method. (Chris Holt,
* nodbd/ Fixed definition of 'HOST' attribute
in dbh's.
* Makefile.lib (InitializeMsql): Fixed typo that made MSQL_HOME
useless. (Ray Zimmermann, <>)
* Makefile.lib (InitializeMysql): Fixed typo "lib/mysqlclient.a"
to "lib/libmysqlclient.a". (Michael 'Monty' Widenius,
1997-12-31 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.1823)
* Added support for mysql_use_result, requested by Jesse
Eversole <>.
* nodbd/typemap: Replaced sv_isa with sv_derived_from so that
subclassing works, reported by Gisle Aas <>.
1997-12-11 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.1822)
* dbd/myMsql.c: DSN's like DBI:mysql:test;hostname=$host;port=$port
haven't been working.
* dbd/ POD modifications, suggested by Jesse N. Glick
* INSTALL: Added hints for "make test".
* nodbd/ (as_string): Still bugs in the new
as_string method, thanks to Frank D. Cringle <>.
* Enabled SQL_DATE, SQL_TIME, ... (available in DBI 0.91)
* Makefiles: Modified postamble to use a common function which calls
module dependent hooks.
* nodbd/ Fixed the problem RETVAL == NULL.
Wed Nov 19 19:50:29 1997 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.1821)
* dbd/ Added AUTOLOAD for constants like
* xtract, dbd/ nodbd/ Removed
first line in case users perl is different from
* All Makefiles: Added chmod for xtracted files.
* Added bindparam.h for reuse in DBD::pNET.
* Makefile.lib: Some (hopefully) upward compatible modifications
for integration into the MySQL distribution.
Sat Nov 1 17:04:27 1997 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.1820)
* xtract: Added "#xtract <driver>" ... "#endxtract".
* nodbd/, nodbd/, nodbd/
Using "#xtract now".
* Reorganized source tree (again).
Wed Oct 29 00:41:41 1997 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.1819)
* nodbd/ Fixed syntax error.
* Fixed distribution problems. Not all .pm files have been
included. (Only PAUSE should have noticed.)
Mon Oct 27 00:50:08 1997 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.1818)
* nodbd/ Fixed dependencies for "xtract" files.
* nodbd/ Fixed ISNUM attribute in fetchinternal.
* nodbd/ Yet one more fix in the new as_string
method. :-(
* nodbd/ Msql::Statement::maxlength caches
its return value now
Sat Oct 25 16:30:01 1997 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.1817)
* Makefile.PL,dbd/,nodbd/ Added
dependencies for files being created from dbd and nodbd
directories via the "xtract" script.
* nodbd/,nodbd/ Fixed minor problems with
mSQL1; suggested by Andreas Koenig
* dbd/,tests/ak-dbd.t: Removed support and tests for the
old connect methods.
* nodbd/ Fixed bug in Msql::Statement::maxlength.
Fri Oct 24 01:29:08 1997 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.1816)
* dbd/myMsql.c (MyConnect): Fixed use of mysql_real_connect
* dbd/dbdimp.c: Added automatic type detection to bind_param
* nodbd/ Modified as_string for more efficiency
under MySQL. Added maxlength and isnum methods. (Direct attribute
fetches under MySQL, calculated under mSQL.)
* nodbd/ Fixed bug in creation of @typelabels:
defined &Msql::TEXT_TYPE doesn't work before autoloading it.
1997-10-02 Jochen Wiedmann <> (1.1815)
* dbd/dbd.xs: Fixed bug in insertid; &svsock was used instead
of svsock
* Fixed bug in nodbd.xs (formerly Mysql.xs): key INSERTID had
length of 9 (reported by Maurice Aubrey, <>)
* t/ak-dbd.t, t/akmisc.t: Added tests for mysql's insertid
* Merged source trees of Mysql and Msql.
* lib/M(y) Added some words on createdb, dropdb and
shutdown to the man page. Missed by Ray Zimmermann
* dbd/ Implemented $dbh->do as a direct XS call.
* dbd/, nodbd/ Suppressed some warnings
due to uninitialized RETVAL. George Hartlieb
1997-09-29 Andreas Koenig <> (1.1814)
* t/50commit.t: Fixed printing of warning message when
commit issues a warning.
* lib/DBD/ (connect): Fixed warning in connect, if
attrhash is present.
* pmsql.PL: Fixed use of Msql 2 constants in @typelabel definition
and similar things.
* lib/Msql/ Fixed use of Msql::TEXT_TYPE without
checking whether we are running Msql 1.
DBD::mysql for DBI - Written by Jochen Wiedmann <>
97.09.27 V1.1812
Added t/50commit.t to test suite.
Included <embed.h> in myMsql.h for redefining my_setenv().
Made AutoCommit, Commit and Rollback DBI conformant.
Fixed reconnect problems with Mysql: mysql_port was 0 on some
Added support of mysql_real_connect to myMsql.c.
Fixed Msql::errno returning a char*.
Added lib/
Fixed 'use Mysql' to 'require Mysql' in t/mysql2.t.
97.09.12 V1.1810
Fixed bug in dbd_st_FETCH_internal: newRV_noinc was used for
the return value. This resulted in invalid cache values,
reported by Michael Bletzinger
97.09.12 V1.1809
Adapted changes from DBD-Oracle 0.46 to 0.47; in particular
the files Driver.xst and dbd_xsh.h from the DBI distribution
are used now. (LongReadLen, LongTruncOk, ... are still
meaningless, but they are not that important for m(y)sql:
The complete results are in RAM anyways ...)
Fixed man page of DBD::M(y)SQL: "@names = $sth->{'NAME'}".
Added parameter completion for "set" command to dbimon.
97.09.08 V1.1808
Fixed bug in dbimon, a closing brace was missing causing a
syntax error.
Fixed problems in the Term::ReadLine::GNU support, reported
by Nem W. Schlecht (
Modified dbimon for internally using the Data::ShowTable
module. My thanks to Tim Bunce for the hint.
Compatibility fixes for SunOS and Solaris, supplied by
Neil Bowers (
97.09.03 V1.1806
Fixed bug in Mysql.xs: $sth->numfields dumped core because no
check for a result was done.
Fixed bug in lib/Mysql/ Mysql::Statement.as_string
did not check for $sth->numfields != 0.
Added patch from Nem W. Schlecht (
for Term::ReadLine::GNU support to pmysql and dbimon.
97.09.03 V1.1805
Fixed bug in DBD::mysql: Executing a non-select statement
always returned -1 (unknown number of rows) although the
correct number was returned by $sth->rows().
Fixed bug in DBD::mysql: strlen was executed on a NULL
value when mysql_fetch_rows returned a NULL field.
Added all _ListField attributes to statement handles.
Added support for "LISTFIELDS <table>" to $sth->execute.
Modified $sth->func("_ListSelectedFields") and
$dbh->func("<table>", "_ListFields") to use the new
possibilities; in fact these are only stubs now.
Added dbimon.
Added some internal attributes for dbimon to DBD::mysql:
format_default_size, format_max_size, format_type_name
and format_right_justification.
97.08.30 V1.1804
Added "fancy", "quote", "separator" and "escape" commands to
pm(y)sql.PL, patch supplied by Nem W Schlecht
Modified pm(y)sql.PL and pmsql.PL so that it automatically
adapts pm(y)sql for use with Msql and Mysql, respectively.
Makefile.PL and M(y)sqlPerl/Makefile.PL now automatically
adapt lib/M(y), lib/M(y)sql/ and
lib/DBD/ or lib/DBD/ for use in Msql-modules
or Mysql-modules; just copy these files, rename them and
run "perl Makefile.PL".
97.08.29 V1.1803
Added mysql_errno()
Modified perl modules for use of $driver and isa($driver).
Modified Msql.xs and Mysql.xs for use of Package and
Modified test for fetch of non-result sth in akmisc.t: Msql
returns number of rows and not an sth.
97.08.27 Removed use of TEXT_TYPE from pmysql and Mysql/
97.08.16 Modified mysql.xs, dbdimp.h and dbdimp.c for use in DBD::mSQL.
Now using Andreas König´s Makefile.PL from the DBD::mSQL
Added check for disabled '-lgcc' on Linux; this leads to a
missing __moddi3 symbol in libmysqlclient.a, when running
Added mysqlperl support.
97.08.02 Almost completely rewritten, with the exception of private
functions like _ListTables.
Implemented bind_param.
Test suite rewritten for portability.
Many sources moved from and mysql.xs to dbdimp.h; and mysql.xs are now close to Oracle.xs and
97.07.28 Added $dbh->quote method.
Modified internal use of "char* statement" to "SV* statement".
Modified use of mysql_query to mysql_real_query. (The above
three things should fix blob problems hopefully.)
Bumped revision number to 2.00 because of API changes:
The connect method works now as described in the DBI man
page, compatibility to DBD::msql seems deprecated.
Heavy internal modifications in order to use DBIS->get_fbav();
this gives compatibility to DBI 0.88.
Modified test suite to use Test::Harness.
Added blob tests.
DBD::mysql for DBI - Written by Alligator Descartes <>
96.06.22 Get new patched version 1.65 from
Added the memory bug patch to this.
96.06.18 Added pod documentation to and the possibility
to retrieve insert_id. This was done by Nathan Torkington.
Fixed memory bug that sql results never was freed.
Now a result is freed when one calls the 'finish' action.
The patch was done by & Monty
96.05.27 Changed Makefile.PL after suggestions from Raymond Wiker
96.04.25 Changed the README and fixed a typo in mysql.xs
Changed version to DBD-mysql-1.63.1 to have a reference to mSQL-0.63
96.04.19 Updated with differences from DBD:mSQL-0.63
96.11.03 Changed from DBD:mysql-0.60pl10 to DBD:mysql-1.0 by Michael Widenius
Original ChangeLog:
18/07/95: Started.
Version 0.0.0 ( Totally pre-alpha! )
19/07/95:22:00 Code now basically seems to work. I've got connection to
a database, and clean disconnection.
23:45 I'm now working on the statement cycle stuff, which I've
mapped out. It's just a case of coding, which shouldn't
take too long, hopefully.
Posted notice of approaching doom to perldb-interest.
20/07/95:01:25 Fetching appears to work OK now. I need to read the API on
msqlFieldSeek, since I can't work out why fetch is returning
the same row over and over!
21/07/95:09:22 Added a field into imp_sth (currow) which keeps track of the
current row that's been fetched from the result struct. If I
can fix the return codes coming from fetchrow, it'll work!
21/07/95:10:30 Pondered bind variables in cursors. Since there isn't a bind
function in the API, I may have to frig the way that prepare/
execute works, ie, move the call to msqlQuery *after* it's
done some parsing for bind values......Hm.
21/07/95:10:35 Twiddled some bits in the fetchrow cycle.
23/07/95:15:50 Fetch is fetching a row, but it's not returning it to the
calling cycle, so I need to fart about with the sv stuff, which
is not amusing me greatly!
26/07/95:23:42 Decided in agreement with Andreas that the first release is
to be 0.61!
27/07/95:14:14 Finally! It fucking works! After splendid quantities of
hacking around with the prepare/execute/fetchrow/finish cycle
it's actually returning rows correctly!
NOTE: The SV handling within dbd_describe is shot to buggery,
but I've kludged it in mSQL.xs::fetchrow to do a
sv_2mortal instead of a sv_mortalcopy.
27/07/95:14:22 Tidied up mSQL.xs::finish to do an msqlFreeResult. Annoyingly
enough, there's no return code to msqlFR, so I can't test
whether or not it's worked! Bah!
27/07/95:15:15 Altered test to do several bits and bobs. I'm testing INSERT
statements now. These only execute an msqlQuery, but the
stuff needs to continue to pass through the execute and finish
stages cleanly.......*sigh*
27/07/95:15:22 My dubious 'INSERT' check hack works, sort of. Pity it converts
the entire statement to lower case.....!
27/07/95:17:33 Twiddled some more stuff so it seems to do CREATE TABLE,
INSERT statements too. Of course, there's no error checking
yet, but it seems to be OK........Hm.
27/07/95:17:38 Mailed out a statement saying the 0.61 code would be up for
grabs as of Monday 31st July! Still waiting on Alpha reports.
27/07/95:12:11 Fixed the lower-case all the INSERT/CREATE &c. statement bug.
It now checks to see if you're in quotes.
28/07/95:xx:xx Got a report back from Andreas to say compilation barfs on
his Indy. Fixed a load of do_error bugs in dbdimp.c.
13/08/95:18:25 Finally got back to this after a rather long break. Fixed some
Makefile.PL bugs that were kicking about. Finally fixed
( or appeared to fix ) the strlen signedness bug in dbdimp.c
that may halt compilation on the Indy.
Emailed Karsten the debug info to see what's causing problems
on the NeXTStep platform.
14/08/95:13:48 Got email back from Andreas. signedness broke mSQL.xs as well!
Fixed that and emailed him a quick patch.
14/08/95:14:45 Andreas now has a successful compile. The tests are crap, but
appear to ( sort of ) work.
29/08/95:23:18 Converted driver across to new DBI format. It now appears
to compile, install and run fairly reasonably. There are
some serious messes that need cleared up in it, but it's
fundamentally OK, I hope. Announced for pl0 testing.
04/09/95:15:04 Started back on getting the 0.60pl0 out. Tidied up the parsing
of statements for INSERT, CREATE &c statements. It just takes
the first word of the statement now.
04/09/95:15:19 Looks OK. Tested against DBI 0.63 and looks reasonable.
Announced release of 0.60pl1 and put up for ftp.
20/09/95:15:20 Patched a load of stuff including NULLs, and local device
handling ( SV ). Released pl4, which was bogus. Released
pl5 which should fix those issues.
20/09/95:22:17 Fixed overhang of old DBI bug with DBIc_ENDING remaining in
DESTROY in mSQL.xs. Spotted by Marti Rijken and fixed.
( Hopefully! )
18/10/95:15:13 Added in the missing API chunks for ListTables, ListDBs
and ListFields.
ListFields isnae working, but I'll fix that sometime soon....
05/11/95:11:32 Fixed $sth->readblob to return undef. Fixed Makefile.PL,
dbdimp.h, mSQL.h, dbdimp.c for release of 0.60pl7. Also tested
'make test' which now works!
23/11/95:19:22 Fixed ListFields from the pointers given to me by Sven V.
24/11/95:03:13 Fixed error handling in all the func methods
24/11/95:13:01 Added 'NumRows' method to statement handles to return the
number of rows returned ( or affected ) by a statement.o
30/12/95:18:10 Altered to allow for hostname:port style connections
to known remote port machines. Sets ENV var since the
msqlConnect API call doesn't support port arguments.
30/12/95:18:15 Added 'length' key into the hash returned by ListFields, so
we can get the scale of the field.
24/03/96:22:34 Fixed bugs and upgraded versioning for perl5.002 to work
properly. Released as pl10
-> Lamentable lack of ChangeLog information here!
27/03/97: Tidied up things with regard to 0.61 release.
28/03/97: Patched NULL as undef bug
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