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Index into strings like Pythonists do!
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Pythonic::Str - Index into strings like Pythonists do!


    use Pythonic::Str;

    say 'foobar'[3];            # b
    say 'foobar'[3..*];         # bar
    say 'foobar'[^3];           # foo
    say 'foobar'[3,5,6]:exists; # (True True False)


Provides &postcircumfix:<[ ]> candidates to index into strings. Any indexing operation you normally can use on lists is supported.

When multiple indices are given, the result will be calculated as if the indexing were called on a list of individual characters that compose the given string. If all the elements nodally are of type Str or Nil (excluding Failures), then the result will be joined together to form a single string. Any other type of the output is returned as if it were called on a list of individual characters that compose the given string.

In plainer language this means that you get a single string result for stuff like:

    say 'foobar'[^3];           # foo
    say 'foobar'[0, 1, 2];      # foo
    say 'foobar'[0, (1, (2,))]; # foo

... but will get the same result as if you called indexing on a list of characters for stuff like:

    say 'foobar'[^3]:p;           # (0 => f 1 => o 2 => o)
    say 'foobar'[0, 1, 2]:exists; # (True True True)
    say WHAT 'foobar'[1]:delete;  # (Failure)


This module does not provide Str.AT-POS or make Str type do Positional or Iterable roles. The latter causes all sorts of fallout with core and non-core code due to inherent assumptions that Str type does not do those roles. What this means in plain English is you can only index your strings with [...] postcircumfix operator and can't willy-nilly treat them as lists of characters—simply call .comb if you need that.



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You can use and distribute this module under the terms of the The Artistic License 2.0. See the LICENSE file included in this distribution for complete details.

The META6.json file of this distribution may be distributed and modified without restrictions or attribution.

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