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List of TODO items required for 6.d language release


The FEATURES.md lists the proposed features that need to be implemented by their stakeholders.

Documentation Website

Implement ability to mark features with the language version they first appeared in.


Throw out / Appendicize Exception Tests

The way we created/thrown new exceptions is very ad-hoc and needs more thought. Don't spec particular exceptions in new tests until we have the time to properly evaluate Exceptions hierarchy. http://colabti.org/irclogger/irclogger_log/perl6-dev?date=2018-09-21#l142

Remove dead files

Remove all the files that are currently skipped. (e.g. S24-testing/1-basic.t, which probably needs to be fixed, as its tests are wrong and I don't see any other tests testing these routines)

Add Missing plans in substests

Some subtests are missing a plan call inside of them. Some programatic method should be developed to detect this issue and fix it.

Passing Tests

Ensure Roast stresstest passes on Windows. Roast Issue #320 showing a bunch of failing tests.


Review all the new tests since 6.c to ensure they do belong in 6.d and test desired behaviour.

Review Process

The goal of the review is to ensure all of the commits added to master since 6.c specify behaviour we actually want to include in 6.d language release.

If you need to make some changes in the code you're reviewing, put [v6.d REVIEW] into the commit title. This way we'll be able to filter these out and tell how many "actual" new commits are in the 6.d language spec.

One way to do a review is to go through all the commits and see if any of the newly added tests look off. To assist with that, you can use the spec view tool or create a handy alias:

(shell version)

    alias glop="git log --pretty=format:'%C(yellow)https://github.com/perl6/roast/commit/%h | %Cred%ad | %Cgreen%d %Creset%s' --date=short --reverse"

(html version)

alias glop="git log --pretty=format:'<a href='\''https://github.com/perl6/roast/commit/%h'\'' style='\''font-family: monospace'\'' target=_blank>%H | %ad | %s</a><br><br>' --date=short --reverse"

Then, in checkout of the roast repo run glop alias giving the last commit you reviewed (or 6.c-errata if you haven't yet reviewed any commits. E.g.:

    git clone https://github.com/perl6/roast/ ~/roast-6.d-review
    cd ~/roast-6.d-review
    git checkout 6.c-errata; git checkout master
    glop 6.c-errata...HEAD

Say, you stopped at commit 4a59ba39a8bec2c746d3ae34cd67fde3bcca25cd. When you come back later to review some more, run:

    cd ~/roast-6.d-review
    glop 4a59ba39a8bec2c746d3ae34cd67fde3bcca25cd...HEAD

With HTML version, save it to a file and view the file in the browser:

    cd ~/roast-6.d-review
    glop 4a59ba39a8bec2c746d3ae34cd67fde3bcca25cd...HEAD > 6.d.html
    chromium-browser 6.d.html

Note that with the above one liners, some times you'd still end up with a couple of old commits at the top of the list, even after re-filtering to a newer commits. There's probably some git reason behind that, but I don't know what it is.

If you spot any questionable tests, bring it up in #perl6-dev


  • Zoffix (reached commit: review COMPLETED)
    • Does only superficial review of Unicode, CompUnit, Pod, and QuantHash op tests due to limited knowledge of those features
    • Does not do an in-depth review of many of own tests on assumption the tests were already well-thought and well-researched when they were written

Define More Concrete Policies For Implementation of New Features

Work in progress available in d-docs/New-Features-Policy.md

Feature List

Collect all the features that will be new in 6.d. Many are already implemented, documented, and are in use, but they're not part of 6.c language (e.g. Str.parse-base)

Note, some routines are meant to be deprecated in 6.d but we lack the means to emit a deprecation warning based on language version. These routines should be logged in release docs as deprecated even though they might stick around for awhile and start to warn only in 6.e. These are listed as planned for deprecation in deferred-to-6.e files.

Experimental Features

See which features that currently require use experimental are solid enough to make them non-experimental in 6.d

See if we can nail down the META6.json spec

And codify it as tests in roast. Even if entire spec won't be done, would be nice to standardize "auth" key because we're basically ready to have multi-source ecosystem that supports same-name-multiple-author naming, but without a nailed down "auth" it's hard to make use of that system. we already have it and we do have problems

A roast Issue for the auth key has been filed as well: https://github.com/perl6/roast/issues/450