Convert Perl6 Pod to shiny HTML
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Render Perl 6 Pod as HTML


This module is in the Perl 6 ecosystem, so you install it in the usual way:

zef install Pod::To::HTML

Note: Perl 6 2018.06 introduces changes on how non-breaking whitespace was handled; this is now included in the tests. If the installation fails, please upgrade to Perl 6 >= 2018.06 or simply disregard the test and install with --force if that particular feature is of no use to you.


From the command line:

perl6 --doc=HTML lib/ > FancyModule.html

From within Perl 6:

# Pod Block
=pod My I<super B<awesome>> embedded C<pod> document!

say Pod::To::HTML.render($=pod[0]);

# Pod file
say Pod::To::HTML.render('your/file.pod'.IO, header =>
                         "your-custom-header-inside-body", footer =>
                         "your-custom-footer-inside-body", head-fields
                         => "tags-inside-head", lang => "document
                         language (defaults to 'en')", default-title =
                         'No =title was found so we use this', css-url
                         => ''); # specify
                         css-url as empty string to disable CSS

# Pod string

my $pod = q:to/END/;
My I<super B<awesome>> embedded C<pod>
say Pod::To::HTML.render($pod,
    header =>"your-custom-header-inside-body",
    footer => "your-custom-footer-inside-body",
	head-fields => "tags-inside-head",
    lang => "document language (defaults to 'en')",
	default-title => 'No =title was found so we use this');


Pod::To::HTML takes a Pod 6 tree and outputs correspondingly formatted HTML. Generally this is done via the command line, usingperl6 --doc=HTML, which extracts the pod from the document and feeds it to Pod::To::HTML. The other route is with the render method (called by --doc=HTML), which creates a complete HTML document from the Pod tree it is called with.

Optionally, a custom header/fooder/head-fields can be provided. These can be used to link to custom CSS stylesheets and JavaScript libraries.


You can set the P6DOC_DEBUG environmental variable to make the module produce some debugging information.


You can use and distribute this module under the terms of the The Artistic License 2.0. See the LICENSE file included in this distribution for complete details.

The META6.json file of this distribution may be distributed and modified without restrictions or attribution.