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This repository hosts a Haskell-based implementation of Perl 6.
Currently, the Pugs.hs project exists mainly for historical/archival purposes,
not for active development. (Forks are, of course, very much welcome.)
For a host of active implementations of the Perl 6 Language, please refer to
this website:
Pugs.hs is known to build with GHC 6.10 through GHC 7.2.1, preferably with the
Haskell Platform:
One can directly install it with the standard Cabal/Hackage system:
cabal install Pugs
Please refer to the INSTALL file for further details.
The goal during this hiatus is to continue maintaining Pugs.hs, so it remains
installable with current and future editions of the Haskell Platform, and
interoperable with current and future releases of the Perl 5 Language. :-)
Share and Enjoy!
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