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== Becoming a Pugs Hacker
0) Join #perl6 on
1) Ask for a commit bit
2) Clone Pugs.hs from the perl6 organization on GitHub.
git clone
3) Follow INSTALL instructions to get deps installed
Or follow debian instructions for bleeding edge GHC below!
4) Hack hack hack!
5) Compile
cd Pugs/
make # builds ./pugs executable
make install # installs ./pugs as pugs and perl6 executables
6) What was the big deal?
== Installing the latest GHC on a Debian system
The current GHC (7.2.1) has some growing pains, but follow these instructions
and you should be fine:
# Choose 32bit or 64bit
curl -O$GHC
tar -xjvf $GHC
cd ghc-7.2.1
sudo make install
cd -
curl -O
tar -xzvf cabal-install-0.10.2.tar.gz
cd cabal-install-0.10.2
curl -O
patch -p0 cabal-install.cabal ghc7.diff
export PATH=$HOME/.cabal/bin:$PATH
cabal update
cabal install Pugs
This was cobbled together from:
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