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Name: HsSyck
Version: 0.51.20150815
Cabal-version: >= 1.2.3
Category: Text, Pugs
Synopsis: Fast, lightweight YAML loader and dumper
Description: This is a simple YAML ('Yet Another Markup Language') processor,
used by the Pugs project for handling data serialization; this can be
useful for optimization and caching purposes.
This is an interface to the @syck@ C library for parsing and
dumping YAML data. It lets you transform textual YAML data into an
object of type 'YamlNode', and vice versa, fast.
-- License is really "MIT", but Cabal doesn't have that constant yet
License: BSD3
License-File: LICENSE
Author: Audrey Tang
Copyright: Audrey Tang, Gaal Yahas, 2005-2015
Build-Type: Simple
Tested-With: GHC==6.8.2, GHC==6.8.3, GHC==6.10.1, GHC==6.10.2, GHC==7.6.3, GHC==7.10.2
Extra-Source-Files: syck/syck.h syck/syck_st.h syck/gram.h syck/yamlbyte.h changelog
Flag SybInBase
Description: syb was split from base >= 4
Default: False
if flag(SybInBase)
Build-Depends: base>=3 && <4, bytestring>=, utf8-string>=0.3, hashtables
Build-Depends: base>=4 && <6, bytestring>=, syb, utf8-string>=0.3, hashtables
exposed-modules: Data.Yaml.Syck
ghc-options: -funbox-strict-fields
extensions: ForeignFunctionInterface, MagicHash,
DeriveDataTypeable, TypeSynonymInstances, PatternGuards, RecursiveDo
c-sources: syck/bytecode.c syck/emitter.c syck/gram.c syck/handler.c
syck/implicit.c syck/node.c syck/syck.c syck/syck_st.c
syck/token.c syck/yaml2byte.c
include-dirs: syck