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The current recommended way to build Pugs is via cabal-install with the
Haskell Platform. The steps are:
0. Download and install the Haskell Platform:
Alternately, one can also install only the GHC compiler, and manually set up
the following packages (in this order):
The instructions contained in the README file of Cabal contain more detailed
setup instructions, which should work for all the packages above.
(But then again, please consider simply installing the Haskell Platform. :-))
1. Install ncurses and libperl dependencies:
# For Debian/Ubuntu
sudo apt-get install libncurses-dev libperl-dev
2. Type the following commands:
cabal update
cabal install Pugs
...and it's done!
To build an optimized Pugs for benchmarking or smoke testing, replace the
second command with:
cabal install -O2 Pugs
(Unix-like systems might need `sudo` or `cabal install -p` to satisfy
permission requirements.)
3. To upgrade the current Pugs installation to the latest released version
on Hackage, the same two lines of commands would work:
cabal update
cabal install Pugs
4. To upgrade the current Pugs installation to the version in the repository,
simply build the repository copy like this:
cd Pugs
cabal install
PS: For installing Pugs on Cygwin via Cabal, please refer to this note: