Test.pm assertion subs shouldn't autothread #15

masak opened this Issue Apr 10, 2012 · 1 comment

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<[Coke]> p6: use Test; ok(any(1|0), "how many tests?")
<p6eval> niecza v15-6-gefda208: OUTPUT«ok 1 - how many tests?␤»
<p6eval> ..pugs: OUTPUT«pugs: *** Unsafe function 'use' called under safe mode␤    at /tmp/kAdBVcKtTv line 1, column 1␤»
<moritz> [Coke]: 1
<moritz> [Coke]: test functions shouldn't autothread
<masak> did we spec that?
<[Coke]> moritz: was trying to demonstrate that pugs autothreads.
<[Coke]> locally I get:
<[Coke]> ok 1 - how many tests?
<[Coke]> not ok 2 - how many tests?
<[Coke]> masak: there's a pugsbug ferya.
* masak submits pugsbug
<masak> we did spec that.
<moritz> masak: where?
<masak> moritz: https://github.com/perl6/specs/blob/master/S24-testing.pod
<masak> lots of Mu in the signatures.
<moritz> masak: ah, right

In addition to updating ./ext/Test/lib/Test.pm, this ticket will also exercise the ./ext/Test/lib/Test.pm => ./cbits/Test_pm.c packing code, which (iirc) was only in Mu but not picked up to Pugs.hs.

It'd be nice, of course, to rewrite that packing script in perl6, if someone has a cycle for it :)

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