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Code for and supporting IRC bot


The alerts are posted by addressing the p6lert bot. Four commands exist


Adds a new alert, using your IRC for created by information. The bot will give a direct link to it on the site. While the direct link will show the alert right away, it'll take 10 minutes for the alert to show up on the main site's page, on its API endpoints, or to be tweeted. This is by-design, to allow for some editing or deleting of the alert, if needed.

<Zoffix> p6lert, add some normal alert
<Zoffix> p6lert, add severity:high some high alert
<Zoffix> p6lert, add affects:[2017.12 and earlier] some normal alert
<Zoffix> p6lert, add severity:high affects:[2017.12 and earlier] some high alert

The brackets for affects are mandatory and severity must come before affects. Both are optional and severity defaults to normal, while affects defaults to an empty string. See P6lert blog post to get the idea for what severity values are meant to mean.

The http:// and https:// links will automatically be made clickable on the website.

If you need a reminder of command syntax, you can always issue help command to the bot:

<Zoffix> p6lert: help
<p6lert> Zoffix, P6lert commands:
    [insta]?add ALERT, update ID ALERT, delete ID;
    ALERT format: ['severity:'\S+]? ['affects:['<-[\]]>+']']? ALERT_TEXT
Available severity levels
  • info
  • low
  • normal
  • high
  • critical


Exactly the same as add command, except it does not have a 10-minute grace period and the alert will be distributed and tweeted immediately. This exists mostly for debugging and you should always use the add command.

<Zoffix> p6lert, instaadd some normal alert


Syntax is the same as add, except it takes an alert ID as the first argument. Updates the alert content. Note that omitting severity or affects WILL NOT set them to default values and will leave them as they were before the update.

<Zoffix> p6lert, update 5 severity:high actually, it's now a high alert

The bot will tell you if this alert was already tweeted.


Takes an alert ID as the argument and deletes it from the database. The bot will tell you if this alert was already tweeted. The tweet will NOT be deleted by the bot.

<Zoffix> p6lert, delete 5


Takes an alert ID and some text to append to alert text for the alert under that ID. Generally alerts should be kept rather small and this command is a semi-emergency hatch to append a bit of extra text that doesn't fit into a single IRC text message.

<Zoffix> p6lert, append 5 some extra text


Website styles

The styles are in static/main.scss. You'll need to run ./sassify to have SASS preprocessor watch for changes and generate CSS styles for the site.

IRC Bot development mode

Use ./dev-BOT script to power on the bot in dev mode. It'll start the bot with P6LERT_IRC_HOST=localhost and P6LERT_DEBUG=1 env vars. The available vars are:

  • P6LERT_IRC_HOST—Specifies the IRC server host to connect to
  • P6LERT_DEBUG—Enables debug mode, which:
    • Sets alerter URL to http://localhost:10000/alert
    • Joins #zofbot IRC channel instead of the usual set
    • Disables tweeting by default
    • Reduces delay before alerts go public to 60 seconds (only affects the time when they get tweeted out)
  • P6LERT_DEBUG_DO_TWEET—Enables debug mode tweeting. This includes re-tweeting untweeted alerts from the database on load.

IRC Bot Admins

Admins are allowed to post/update/delete alerts. Their hosts are stored in /home/p6lert/alerts/secret.json, in admin-list property. When adding new hosts, please only add registered Freenode users (those who have a cloak are even better, since we can see to whom the host belongs)


The server and bot are hosted on hack with Apache on www server reverse-proxying all the requests. The repo checkout lives in /home/p6lert/alerts/ and two services exist: p6lert-web and p6lert-irc

To pull new changes, log in to hack, then run:

sudo su -l p6lert
cd alerts/
git pull
sudo service p6lert-web restart
sudo service p6lert-irc restart

The alerts database is in /home/p6lert/alerts/alerts.sqlite.db SQLite file.

Zoffix has the keys to @p6lert Twitter account.


Fork this module on GitHub:


To report bugs or request features, please use


Zoffix Znet (


You can use and distribute this module under the terms of the The Artistic License 2.0. See the LICENSE file included in this distribution for complete details.

The META6.json file of this distribution may be distributed and modified without restrictions or attribution.


Code for and supporting IRC bot





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