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Atom Perl 6 Support - »ö« Official Edition!

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A colorful, thoughtful, and helpful language grammar for Perl 6! See here for questions about usage.

A screenshot of an funnified Perl 6 file


This package has integration with the Atom script package. With both this package and the script package you can execute highlighted Perl 6 code or the whole document, even if it hasn't been saved using a keyboard shortcut.

What Makes This The Fun Edition?

Perl 6 is optimized for fun. ― Audrey Tang

  • This package was designed to work with Fira Code ligatures

  • Much more syntax highlighted (numbers, operators, interpolation, traits, better strings).

  • Some day we hope this package will also contain support for many popular atom packages that have service hooks like autocomplete+ and linter

See something? Say something!

See something highlighted incorrectly? See something LTA (Less Than Awesome)? Please report it on the issue tracker. Any issue no matter how small should be reported. It is our hope that this is not only the best Perl 6 highlighter for Atom, but the best highlighter for Atom out there.


Contributions are welcome! Please see for a tutorial on writing Atom syntax grammars and more information!

Potential Future Features

Integration with Autocomplete+, linter or other packages are possible future features. See Contributing if you want to help!

How do I use this?

This language grammar should automatically highlight .p6, .pod6, .pm6 and .nqp files. The language grammar will also detect files whose first line includes use v6, a shebang whose last term before any whitespace is perl6 , =begin pod, or my class.

If you are having issues, the language-perl package is probably taking precedence. To remedy this you can:

  • Click the language name in the status-bar (Ctrl+Shift+L) and select Perl 6 FE

  • If you want to permanently change the preferences for a file type, add the following to your config.cson (EditConfig):

          'source.perl6fe': [
            # Add pm and t if you want auto choose this highlighter for .pm or 't
            # files.

Please be aware that if you do not include the t extension above, your t files will be highlighted with the language-perl highlighter unless the first line contains use v6;.


MIT © All contributors